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trying to identify rear fenders


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On 9/7/2021 at 6:01 PM, jolynnstearns said:

Awesome! Thank you! We've been searching for a month !

So the next question would be is are they something that have value?

Considering I bought a car for a few hundred dollars just a few months ago probably worth anywhere between $100-$200 each

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We came across these awesome pair of vintage fenders in a garage in Erie, PA.  However, we are not having any luck identifying what car they belong too https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/??? They are a matched pair stamped 270540 and 270541 Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you!






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We do have a special forum called "What is it."   Your question, photos and other info might get better results there. 


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