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new nys limo law

ted sweet

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Once again, perhaps well meaning legislators/legislation will not take into account vintage vehicles that are collected and not used for the intent they were built for 30+ years ago

No overall view and blinders on to stop a tragedy like that from happening again. Human error /fault will not be blamed, blame the car.

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Back in the early 90’s Massachuetts would not let you title a car as a limousine unless you had livery insurance......which was something like 10k a car per year back then. I had my 1931 Cadillac titled as a limousine, but not registered until it was sorted. How did I solve the problem and get it registered and insured?......simple bureaucratic logic. I bought them in the sales catalog showing that it was an Imperial Limousine. The law only applied to limousines. I pushed the registry to show me where it said imperial limousine in the law......it didn’t. And I was able to register it normally. 

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