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Early Jaeger Ignition Assembly of some sort...


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Wondered if anyone could fill me in on what exactly this is...I've never come across one of these, for all I know, might be a tractor part.


Tag reads L.W. Jaeger Ignition Co., has a Bosch Magneto...please see pictures.


Any information would be great.





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This looks like an installation to covert a Model T to magneto ignition.

Many car electric manufacturers offered after market equipment to convert model T's to magneto or battery ignition.

American Bosch, Atwater Kent, Delco, Scintilla and many more....

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99 percent sure it is for a Fordson tractor. The car/truck units are much shorter. That unit on a T or TT would stick out the side of the hood.

A tractor unit could be adapted to a model T, they used the same timer. But fitting could be a bit of a problem, and brackets would have to be made.

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Yup, fits the American built Model F Fordson. 1916-1927. The later Irish and English built model N's came though with a mag from the factory. It is only good if you have the gear that re-places the timer roller to drive it. Most got left behind on the tractor that went for scrap. Dandy Dave!

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