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Help with motor meter please...

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My Peerless/Boyce motor meter's mercury is "stuck" all the way at the top. (No it's not hot - just over time....)

Someone suggested gently tapping the top repeatedly and this will cause the "red juice" to go back down. 

What do you think please?



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Andy, try placing the Motometer in yoour home refrigerator - maybe even the freezer,

and check it every so often.

That solved the issue when the fluid in mine separated, many years ago.


Good Luck

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I have used a combination of Marty and Mikes suggestions. Store upright in the freezer… in the evening when watching tv, spend 30 minutes or an hour tapping, not particularly gently, on a tire (or a not too precious book on an end table as I did)


After a couple or a weeks worth of days of this they always seem to go down. I did have one go back up the first time the car got warm and not return down… repeated process a few times always with the same result. I believe that one was even a modern reproduction that gave me fits. 

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