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Are these ‘53 Roadmaster doors?


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Got these awhile back  in the big Buick warehouse sale along with the 38 and several more Buicks. Also got a junker 53 Super and a 53 4 door Special that’s been sold. When I measured them they measured close to if not the same as the junker Super.(it was dark in the shed and there’s a bumblebee nest in one door)  Note however that they don’t have the short stainless trim spear piece on the rear of back door as does the junk Super making me wonder  if they are possibly Roadmaster doors. But if Roadmaster, it seems to be missing a triangular stainless piece to the rear and over the sweep trim piece. 
Or are they from a Special sedan

I’m sooo confused 🤷‍♂️ 












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I'm not much of a Buick person but long ago I drove a 1952 Buick Super for awhile and that's what your green doors look like to me. If they were from a Special there wouldn't be any stainless trim at the very top of the door at the roof.  If 1952 Roadmaster there would be some additional vertical stainless trim on each side of the glass. I don't think any 1952s had any triangular trim on the rear doors above the sweep spear but 1951 models might have. I'm pretty sure you have 1952 Super sedan doors there. 

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Thanks guys!!! A bit surprised they interchange through so many years which can only be good when trying to sell, eh?




2 hours ago, g-g-g0 said:

Maybe this will help clarify interchangeably on the doors. The first picture is FRONT doors and second is REAR doors.





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