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Transaxle Identification


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I’m hoping you guys can help me- and I’ll preface this by saying I have not seen the transaxle and don’t have pics. A local guy says he has a transmission/differential assembly he believes is from an early car. It has a 10 bolt rear cover on the diff, it has a torque tube, and has two levers, attached to two control rods going to what appears were two shift levers that went up through the floor in the centre of the car. It has R11 102137 stamped into the differential housing. I know several early vehicles used a transaxle, Studebaker being one, but the two shift levers makes me pause. If anyone has ideas, and possibly some pics- I’ll try to get over there this week and have a look. Thanks in advance. 

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Possibly one shift lever and one brake lever?

Studebaker, Overland, and Stutz, just to name three, all used transaxles for a while.

After-market transmissions added to model T rear axles can in combination have more than one transmission, and therefore two shift levers. A Moore or Universal or Rocky Mountain six speed coupled to a Ruckstell for instance.

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