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Are these ORIGINALLY covered in vinyl, like some of the replacements I have seen? Mine is like a hard cardboard, and I have presumed it was original to the car. It's getting a little rough in places, and I thought I would get one from Clark's maybe this winter. I know theirs is pricey, but I've also heard they are about the best in quality. Their site shows one in black that they consider a blem, because of a small dimple in the vinyl, and it got me wondering if mine hadn't been replaced in the past by this cardboard version.

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Believe it or not our beautiful, hand-made, high-quality Rivieras came from the factory with a cheap cardboard package shelf. It’s inexpensive to replace it with the same but not very satisfying.  I, and many others, prefer the much sturdier vinyl over fiberglass which may require some modification for the best fit, but is vastly superior and more appropriate for the car.

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6 hours ago, 65VerdeGS said:

Hi Daryle,


Did the package tray from Clarks come painted to match your interior?   Or did you have to paint it yourself?


Your interior looks great, by the way!



Hey Alex, I had them cover it with the vinyl to match the interior. The tray is made of fiberglass.

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