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What was last year for this body style?  What series had this body style in what years? What were the model numbers?

What is correct spelling?

Was this body style known by other names?  I know Chevy called their “fastback” cars Fleetlines.  

Is there a good resource for this info on the internet?   Thanks!

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Hometown Buick is a decent source for 50’s Buick information. Correct spelling is Sedanet I believe. Some years were referred to as Jetback. Model numbers usually ended (but not always) in “S”, ie., 46S, 56S, 76S, etc. Hometown Buick says there were 1500 1951 Model 56S’s produced. 1950 was the last year for volume production.

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 I went to the seller’s website (Sweden).  17 pictures and I translated the description into English.  It identifies it as a Special.  It’s a custom car with a 430-4 V8 and Automatic from a 67 Wildcat.  A/C, PS, PB, stereo, etc.  Sold.  

There seems to be a lot of American cars and trucks in Europe. 

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