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  1. BYOB - Bring yer own Brillo. That's a LOT o rust.
  2. This is the week the 49's come out for sale apparently. This one is definitely purple. The engine compartment looks half-baked and sloppy. The interior was done pretty well for a custom - they stuck with the spirit of the design but cheaped-out on the upholstery. Lot's of flash, big engine, execution, meh. It looks like a fun car you could drive and not worry too much about road muck but let's see what this goes for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284495604815
  3. No, no reply to my request for more photos or extra parts.
  4. For a little contrast to the Roadmaster Sedanet on eBay now for $4500. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334166362315
  5. Here's one on eBay. Just one photo though. I did ask him to post more pictures this morning. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274951141134
  6. I got a set of nice reproduction radiator & heater hose clamps and put them on my rebuilt 320 with a newly repainted engine compartment. Filled it with antifreeze and water and cranked it up. All the clamps were just a leeeeetal too big and leaked. So we cut them off and put on modern ones. Anyone have a source for correct looking and fitting clamps for a '49 Buick? BTW - the heater hose clamps were from CARS, Inc. (thru Bob's). I do not recall the source of the radiator clamps.
  7. I am in Texas. I travel between Houston and Waco area every other week.
  8. I searched for a replacement for my '49 Roadmaster (with dynaflow of course) and could not find any new ones being built or that came close. I had mine rebuilt with a new core, etc. The rebuilder "did me a favor" and made the body thicker so the fan would no longer fit. We cut down the spacer and it works now. Radiator work is expensive now - about $900 for mine.
  9. If it's like 1949 Roadmaster it would be a wool carpet. I am not sure of colors used in 1950. NOTE: I thought my carpet was dark palm green for years. I lifted up the little carpet "skirt" that curls under the back of the front seat for my color example. BUT I had a surprise when we took the front seat apart and looked under the metal trim that had been screwed in place since coming from the factory, I saw it was originally dark gray.
  10. I posted the below info the Helpful Sites area of this website regarding carpet. I can't find a kit for my '49 and don't think there are any out there of worth buying. You can get the carpet by the yard at Global and have it made. Measure from door sill to door sill. I think it will take you three or four "runs" of it depending on your Buick and the width of the carpet you choose. I am going with Wilton wool and their price is much less than other suppliers like Kanter and Hirsch. I think Global supplies them. I was told by a worker at SMS that Kanter supplies SMS Fabric's Wilton wool carpet. Good luck! Global Upholstery Supply - Carpeting, Convertible Tops and Upholstery. 1445 South Allec Street• Anaheim, CA 92805 Tel: (714) 708-2220 Fax: (714) 708-2233 info@globalupholstery.com http://www.globalupholstery.com/index.html http://www.globalupholstery.com/product/carpet/wiltonwool-carpet.html
  11. Mine is pretty beat up so I need a nice tank without many dents in the bottom. Let me know what you have and your price please. I tried one of the ones from TANKS but it requires a lot of modification,
  12. Wheelnut - you are correct - mine too only turns from 6 to 3 CCW. My mistake. And the key does not remove while unlocked. I got mine all back together and noticed this.
  13. Here's a question for you all. I bought some parts and in the box there are five thin grill teeth that are said to fit on a 49 Buick. I cannot see how they would be employed on a Roadmaster or Super as they are quite thin. Can anyone shed some light on how these are used? Specials perhaps? Veneers on cracked Roadie grill teeth? I have five all the same size and NOS.
  14. This is the blue under the motor mounts of my 1950 320 engine
  15. 1960's and '70s BMWs are like that too. It makes sense if you are reaching for a stick shift with your right hand to down-shift into a turn. You will get used to it. Never seen it reversed.
  16. Oh Lord, it looks like this thing rose up out of it's own grave and is ready to run the red dirt roads of SC again.
  17. Lee - I have been working on my trunk locking mechanism on my 49 Roadmaster sedanette for awhile and can provide some insight. Yes, the key goes in, you turn it 180 degrees and the handle turns counter clock-wise 180 degrees from 6 to 12 o'clock to open the latches. The key cannot be removed until the handle is returned to 6 o'clock. Same process in my 76C. Here is a picture of the lock in correct position. Note the position of the e position of the little spring-loaded lock-cover keeper. Does your look like that? My lock spindle came loose from the handle and spun around loose creating all sorts of problems. If that happened and it got welded back in place incorrectly (off 90 degrees) it could cause your problem. It would show if the spring-loaded keeper pictured below was not in this position.
  18. OK - it's coming back to me now. Foggy but I remember! In my defense, neither of my cars are nearby to go look at. Thanks though to you all for the replies.
  19. I have a 76S and 76C and they don't appear to employ gravel guards except in front and that is a solid metal part. Is this for a '49 four door sedan? Or am I missing something?
  20. This seller on eBay has some NOS parts but I cannot tell where this would go on a 1949 Roadmaster or Super. Anyone know? Seems too narrow to go inside a fender and I don't think here are any rear bumper deflectors used: GM 1331952 1949; SUPER ROADMASTER - DEFLECTOR WITH SEAL - REAR BUMPER OUTER RH DEFLECTOR WITH SEAL-REAR BUMPER OUTER RH
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