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  1. First let me say that your '49 is a real beauty! Secondly, thanks for the tips regarding the top. I haven't even started on th ecar yet but I like to do research well in advance of any project. My particular car has an aluminum trip piece which I believe goes over the the last top bow though most of the cars I have seen don't have them.
  2. The reason I asked is that when I purchased the car it came with a new white vinyl top. Now I'm no "Mister Big Bucks" so I may use the top I have as a pattern in a different fabric or have it dyed and use as is. What is the correct material anyway? If anyone has a strong opinion againstusing the vinyl top as is or dyed PM me and I'll give you my address so you can donate to my restoration fund!
  3. Did Buick offer a white convertible top in '47?
  4. Just read this old thread. Great story and info but no pics! Ewing, is there any way to repost or revive the pics? Especially interested in the Calvert and Canterbury blue shots as I have a '47 56C and my favourite colour is blue! Thanks...
  5. Keep those pics coming. Any news on the inner rocker? Lawrence
  6. Okay then. Well it looks like I'm going to have to scrap a little mor Ethan I had hoped. Don't have room to save everything for that guy who's looking for it. Little stuff I'll keep and hope to pass them on to someone who could use them. Let me know about the rear seat bottom and those inner rockers. Thanks Matt. Lawrence
  7. No worries Matt. I'm trying to also find out if the front seat bottom springs from a sedan will fit the Sedanette/convertible would fit. I know the frame is different and I would wonder why they would not. Thanks again Matt! Hey Pete, are you out there?
  8. Hi Matt, I'm trying to keep both my convertible as well as my Sedanette. PLEASE let me know if those inner rockers become available! I'm a firm believer in not throwing any usable parts away as they don't grow on trees, especially around here. I've offered a bit of trim to a fellow local club member but I'd really hate to toss something someone may need. Thank for the picks. I have the front seat but it's rather rusted. The rear seat bottom may have to be modified from the sedan if nothing turns up. Thank again. PS. Yes I do need both inner rockers. And to be perfectly
  9. Pete, just so there is no confusion I meant the front seat bottom springs and not the whole assembly as I know the frame is different due to the pivoting seat backs. So if I made myself clear, you saying the seat bottom springs won't work from sedanto convertible not matter what, correct?
  10. Thanks a lot Pete. Now I know I can, unfortunately, scrap out these parts. Yeah, I forgot about the obvious brkake lines. Like I said, just getting my ducks in a row. Do you know how wide the rear seat bottom is? Thanks again!
  11. Hi again, Almost finished parting out my '47 sedan and keeping parts that I may be able to use on my convertible. I do need some clarification though. In random order here they come. Can the sedan front seat bottom be used on the convertible? How wide is the rear seat bottom? There were a few extra front and rear seat components tossed into the deal when I bought these cars many years ago. Are the windshield garnish mouldings the same for sedan and convertible? Does anyone know of any reproduction inner and outer rockers that are
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