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Mercer Lookalike

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Not sure what this automobile is but it is not any Locomobile type.  Wrong hubs, steering wheel, running board brackets, radiator configuration, fenders.  I am wondering about Chalmers?


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So many of these "Speedsters/Roadsters" were being marketed at the time, here is a 1912 Hudson "Mile a Minute" Roadster for example, has the eyebrow fenders, 12 spoke front wheels, may suggest a relative? The non-streamlined dash may suggest pre 1910.


1912 Hudson Mile a Minute Roadster.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Electric sidelights and gas headlights suggest 13/14. Notice the bustle on the back. I thought to start with it was a Palmer Singer but I believe the hood is too short. Below is a Palmer Singer.



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