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Early cooling fans


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Similar fans were used on hundreds of makes of cars during the 1910sand very early 1920s. They varied considerably in size and details (and direction of rotation!), however basically the same design and construction.

Your idea of $50 sounds fair. ($400 is crazy unless it is a specific known and very desirable)

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I would say a Apperson Jackrabbit car is fairly desirable. But a single part like a fan is a rather different proposition. It possibly only fits a small percentage / production year range, of Apperson cars . And Apperson's in general have survived in relatively low numbers. So the fan seller needs to find that potential buyer that is actually in need of his fan, probably a long shot at best. A $400.00 asking price seems quite optimistic.

 I run into a very similar situation with parts for my Staver Chicago. Parts do turn up now and then . And prices tend to be all over the map. Sellers sometimes boast about how rare Staver's are ; true enough , but as far as I know I am the only person currently trying to restore one. So unless the asking price is what I consider reasonable I pass , and there is no one standing in line behind me.

The only exception are the radiator badges and the hubcaps. They can and do hit very high prices. But that is of course because of the rarity vs the number of badge and / or hubcap collectors, not car collectors.

 I know at least 2 of the existing cars need radiator badges { mine and 1 other } but badge collectors seem to have very deep pockets .



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I hear what you're saying. I have an early pair of headlights that I have identified as belonging to a 1920ish Liberty Six. Very unusual style. To the right man they are probably worth a considerable sum, but with only a handful of known examples in existence, who's going to need a set?

1920 LIBERTY SIX Motor Car Detroit MI Open Car Convertible Woman Driver Art  Ad - $11.99 | PicClick

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