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1949 Buick Super - Florida - $35,500 - Not Mine

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hi guy's , up for sale the second owner 1949 Buick Super ,rebuilt original engine of a 89.000 miles on it , There are some minor damage , if you are handy easy to fix , it needs a good day detailing and patience to bring it back to showroom condition , I would give it an 8.5 out of 10 at the moment . it is one sleek and good looking car your looking at .I just rebuilt original starter , Generator . and brand new battery , under hood strait 8 260 HP original engine in it . it has lot of head turn around the town , it has always garage kept ,what ever your seen of car almost original even the repaint . for anyone interested in this car it obviously needs to be seen in person , please message me within the site with any question , thank you for time to watching this Bessie ,I hope this car finds a good home , feel free to contact 8572048888




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Although looks to be a really nice car,  There are alot of cars for sale for 35G and I would say few are buyers of green 4 door sedans like this.  Close to convertible money and you might even get into one for that with some looking.  maybe not quite as nice,  but a 4 door will never be a convertible or even 2 door fastback regardless of how nice it is. 

I would also expect for 35 it be fully detailed with no issues. 

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1 hour ago, The 55er said:

Temporary cover to hide the license plate.

That's just to make sure someone from Nigeria doesn't try to screw you out of your 49 Buick sedan because they are such a hot commodity over there, or worse yet try to sell you a warranty for it.  I never figured out the logic of covering the plate at home but leaving it uncovered while you park it in a public place or at a car show where everybody takes a picture of it and posts it to their social media site. 

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