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51,54,55,60,61 Buicks (being reclaimed by mother nature)


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Just though I'd share some of the Marketplace's old steel for sale in my general area/region - none of it is mine, natually!

1955 Special Wagon - $2,995

1954 Century - $1,000

1951 Special - $995

1961 LeSabre - $4,500  (okay, this one is in notably better condition, ha)

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Incorrectly labeled '55 as Century (see edit history)
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If my 37 didn't turn into the money pit and poor experience it did(still is) I would maybe consider having another car done.   I don't think I have it in me.


The 1955 Estate Wagon production numbers:


Special:   2952  (1650 in 1954)

Century:  4243  (1563 In 1954)


Like I said it ain't "pretty" but production numbers are fairly low.   

Looks like they designed the car to be a hearse and offered it as a "passenger" car to the public.



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18 hours ago, 1937McBuick said:

Is that 55 wagon really a Century?   Shouldn't it have 4 fender port holes?


Kinda an ugly beast but sometimes that doesn't matter.   It's alot of car.

Ohp, sure enough!  I didn't look closely enough, ha.  I would put this rig squarely into the "wow it's so ugly - I LOVE it" category!

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