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  1. That's a very intriguing thought... It certainly could be the fuel pump. An imploded pump would be a much better problem to have, ha. That is to say, of course, I'll still be checking out under the valve cover to see what I can see. Thank you, all, for the advice!
  2. @lhend50 Curious - what did the issue turn out to be?
  3. Alllllrighty then, a few more steps forward, and one disturbingly gigantic step backward! This past week has seen me put in several long nights in the garage to get some things done. Not that I have a lot to show for it, ha - things just seem to take me entire, consecutive hours! While awaiting for ordered pieces and parts to arrive, I filled the transmission up with 85w-140. I ended up wearing a quart of it, ha, but got the job done. My attention turned to reassembling the rear suspension, which I'm sure most know is not complicated at all. It's been a long time since the Buick has b
  4. Love this thread, but I don't believe I've ever posted here... 1946 Roadmaster 76-S
  5. Had I known what kind of struggle that was going to be, I might have made the same decision! Just finished a the pump rebuild on my '46 76-S last week. I'm anything but a professional, but yeeeeeesh, I clocked over 4 hours to get it fully re-linked and re-assembled! When I looked up and saw it was past 1am... ooof. Haven't put the build to the test yet, so we'll see if it the finished product even works, soon!
  6. So much to love about this - the clean, seemingly complete dash and instrument cluster! The hood ornament isn't broken!! Dreams.
  7. Ohp, sure enough! I didn't look closely enough, ha. I would put this rig squarely into the "wow it's so ugly - I LOVE it" category!
  8. Just though I'd share some of the Marketplace's old steel for sale in my general area/region - none of it is mine, natually! 1955 Special Wagon - $2,995 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/258044822620523/ 1954 Century - $1,000 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/372966127131538/ 1951 Special - $995 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/344399503559116/ 1961 LeSabre - $4,500 (okay, this one is in notably better condition, ha) https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/107957554557675/
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    Pictures from relatively local buy/sell listings
  10. You continue to prove that you know your stuff!! Maybe you were somehow watching me during the process?? When I drained out a portion of the coolant before changing the upper hose... well, it didn't look all that great (and yes, small chunkies were evident). Therefore, I was already thinking another flush or two would be required, but had not pondered any kind of coolant filter. Thanks yet again for the heads-up!
  11. Greetings, @neil morse: Just wanted to drop a line to say how thankful I am for your intricate and detailed descriptions and pictures! I just finished reading through this thread, and have bookmarked several places (and saved several pictures) to refer back to later. You have a beautiful, well-taken-care-of rig!
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