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  1. Ha - I can imagine!! My lil S10 blazer, sort of pictured here... I wouldn't have trusted or expected it to take on any kind of challenge like that. Love the pic of your rig!
  2. @Rusty Heaps Rats! I appreciate you checking, all the same Managed to get some painting and prep work done about a week ago. Cleaned and painted the trans support brackets. Yes, the smaller one has a chunk broken off from a past trauma of some kind! Getting ready to clean up the bell housing plate before installing new gasket Pretty sure this is the original paint color, peeking through! Then, spent the entirety of my Saturday afternoon (and a good chunk of the evening, too) reinstalling the transmission. Built a small rack for trans out of some scrap wood to set atop the f
  3. @Rusty Heaps That would be fantastic if you would keep an eye out for one!! I definitely appreciate the offer! That certainly would have been a beautiful convertible, in the pic :c
  4. Hello again, Keith! I appreciate you sharing your advice and referrals. As I was trying to gather the knowledge necessary to begin wiring, I hadn't thought that there would be a small business out there who would already have custom wiring at the ready! The learning curve is still there, ha, but the only way to overcome it now is to get my hands dirty! Ha, you called it: The steering wheel is entirely made up of crumbling bits. The "BUICK" buttons on the dash radio unit are in an equally fragile state from the decades of weather exposure... I won't be trying to push them in anytime soo
  5. A'ighty, little update after 2.5 years of... nothing. TRANSMISSION Thanks to another angel user from this forum (who has since deleted his account, so the only shout-out I can give is "Greg"), another transmission and ball joint were located! Those were purchased in late 2017. The trans had a couple damaged pieces which I was able to scavenge from my existing dead trans. The original plan was that I'd follow the shop guide and perform the rebuild myself, but since the cost of mistake would be so high with this unit, the plan changed to paying a professional to go through and repair th
  6. Indeed, that's what I mean! Wow, I didn't even know rust-soaking was an option; it certainly seems like a gentler option. Thanks for sharing the advice!!
  7. While the transmission acquisition continues to shake out, and since I was mid-way through "winning the fight" with a small cold, I chose to look at something simple on the Buick this weekend: A tail light assembly. Here's the before shot of the driver's tail light. And a shot from the inside. Mmmmmm. Nice rust hole! (Carefully) disassembled. Wires labeled prior to cutting off sockets. It's certainly easy to see where stagnant water was collecting. Ick. But, the unit has enough structural integrity to continue performing its duty, so back in it will go! I took the sock
  8. Gorgeous car!!! I know Bob's Automobilia carries fuel pumps for that model (somewhere around the $120 range, if I remember correction). Or, for a little less, a fuel pump rebuild kit!
  9. Based on what I've dug up, the trans I'm looking for can come from any 60-70 series from '42 - '48. @wndsofchng06 Thanks! I just might have to prepare myself for a little wait time is all, ha.
  10. Looks gorgeous, to me! What a great picture, too
  11. Ha... when this particular individual also told us "... and I won't guarantee the case is any good", I formed a similar opinion
  12. Seems like a long shot, but here we go! Looking for a transmission or transmission case for a 1946 Buick Roadmaster 76-S. The few local folk I've talked to so far do not believe what I have is repairable/reusable (pics below). Apparently, I had a gear attempt to drill its way out of the case. All I have now is a collection of damaged transmission pieces and a stationary rig...
  13. This is a disappointing post - the transmission shop I used called me up and requested I drive over to take a look at what they found. Here are pics of the worst damage: This gear has been wearing into the side of the case (notice the teeth are entirely worn off of the end). And here's the hole it's been drilling into the side of the case. Nearly all of the gears in the transmission were worn or slightly damaged in some way. But it's the case damage that's keeping this particular shop from a rebuild, I'm told. It's a pretty sad deal! I'd certainly prefer my rig to have
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