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1937 Roadmaster that fell out of the barn in N.H.--progress report & question

Pete Phillips

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I've decided to repair the front end damage on the 1937 Buick Roadmaster that fell out of the barn in New Hampshire last year. It is now my car, and I have removed the damaged nose piece, front bumper, bumper braces, and front fenders. I've located a good nose piece and half of a grille (still need the driver's side half). Special and Century parts won't fit--has to be Limited or Roadmaster.

Here's a photo of the frame horn damage. It's the part that I'm not sure how to fix. It's too heavy to hammer back into shape. It began to crack when we tried to hammer it. Will probably have to be cut off and a new section fabricated? Open to any suggestions...


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338



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A frame puller could probably get it pretty close. You might have to pie cut where it's severely folded and weld in a piece, but it can surely be straightened so that it's functional enough to hold a bumper. You might even be able to coax it into shape using a block and tackle or come-along with enough bracing to keep the chassis from moving while you pull. Heating it might be a last resort, but since it's just the frame tip and mostly just a bracket for the bumper to bolt to, it probably isn't critical in terms of strength.

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