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For Sale: 1953 Nash Ambassador - $2,700 - Howell, NJ - Project - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1953 Nash Ambassador - $2,700 - Howell, NJ - Project


1953 Nash Ambassador 4 door, good winter project, Ran a year ago needs tlc, Listing for a friend, $2700
Contact:  Call (732)-7-9-one-7-eight-zero-7

copy and paste in your email:  050a4a5bae4a31ef82dfa7f5f5d75ebf@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1953 Nash Ambassador sedan project.

'53 Nash Ambassador NJ a.jpg

'53 Nash Ambassador NJ ab.jpg

'53 Nash Ambassador NJ b.jpg

'53 Nash Ambassador NJ c.jpg

'53 Nash Ambassador NJ d.jpg

'53 Nash Ambassador NJ e.jpg

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The interior (especially the dashboard, door panels & carpet) looks pretty nasty and two of the headliner bows are on the floor in front of the back seat. The hood ornament's missing and the car doesn't run. Looks like the driver's door doesn't want to stay open. Also some rust repair was done under the taillights and the bottom of the trunk lid has rust bubbles under the paint so a  thorough rust inspection would be in order (especially underneath) on a unibody car like this from the northeast. Not saying this is a bad car but all these things are possible red flags and the car should be looked at very carefully before purchasing it. 

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I had a '54 Nash Ambassador long ago. It was a GREAT road car and a very comfortable car to drive.  I probably would still have it if it had the 3 speed with overdrive like this one. Yes, it needs work but the car is probably worth the effort assuming it is not too rusty.

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