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Transmission ID? Possibly ‘28 Chev

Chris Bamford

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Posted this yesterday downstairs in the Chevrolet forum — no replies yet and hoping the many eyeballs here can help. 

I came across this transmission while tidying the parts shed and need to find it a new home.  

it might have been salvaged from a ‘28 Chev motor I bought years ago for the head. 

If not that, I have no idea...



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The rear extension does not look like it fits a torque tube.  There fore not Chevrolet as they did not use a hotchkiss driveshaft.  Also Chev transmissions in this era were bolted to, not integral with the cell housing.  Shift tower does not look like 20's GM.

Good luck with your search.

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Hey there Chris B! Pull the shifter top and look at the gears. IF the gears are straight cut (square?)? The transmission will be fairly early, on the order of before 1935. Square cut gears were disappearing quickly by 1930. Helical cut gears had been around since the 1890s, however did not become common on American automobiles until the late '20s.

From the look of it, the long housing and tail shaft, I would guess it to be 1930s. It could be General Motors, although nothing I have seen looks quite like that. The clutch spline has a GM look to it, as does the throw-out  bearing. Chevrolet CARS had torque tubes into the early 1950s, however, medium to large trucks did not have a torque tube in those years. Chevrolet trucks however did have separate bell housings I think throughout their time.

I have seen a couple transmissions identified as being from a Buick that had integral bell housings. I recently saw a photograph of a transmission similar to that that was said to be from a mid-'30s Buick.

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I am thinking early post war British Triumph. Throw out Brg. and mechanism look extremely similar to what a TR 3 - 4 - 6 use, as does the trans in general.

The sports cars use an aluminum case , but this could be from a sedan or 2000 sports roadster.

Any British cars in your past ?



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