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  1. Keiser is correct. Identified as a Dort by TerryB.
  2. 1927 Chevrolet two door sedan.
  3. Pretty close. 1919 Studebaker
  4. How about a Jackson circa 1905-1907. The front springs and steering look like Jackson to me. Not sure about the chain drive.
  5. Just to add to what Tinindian outlines some castellated nuts (mainly big end and main bearing) I have found to be hardened and to remove the small amount of material I have had to use the side of a grind stone to give it a gentle rub. Main thing is not to take too much off and keep it square.
  6. Side draught and fits circa 1924 Overland Model 91. Possibly others.
  7. With respect to my comment to check the con rod caps for filing by a previous owner if this has been done it would only take one to cause the binding on the crank as you describe. It appears you have rods from a number of different engines eg three No 1's and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that someone in an attempt to extend the life of a worn engine has damaged the caps to extend the life (briefly) of the engine. I'm sure your engine rebuilder will identify the problem whatever it is.
  8. Stude17


    Looks like a circa 1912 overland but no duck bills on front guards?
  9. The front and rear wheel hubs look long and quite a small diameter. Also the steering wheel rim looks flat and not rounded.
  10. I would check the con rod caps to see if they have been filed to take up the slop of worn bearings.
  11. Photos of Chalmers of that era show the front door handle mounted to the front (suicide door) whereas the unknown vehicle shows it mounted to the rear. I agree with Keiser and others that it is a circa 1920 Winton.
  12. The case shown is for a 1916/17 car (series 17/18) as indicated by the two bosses for the rear brake rods. There are corresponding mounting holes on the other side of the case. The earlier cars did not have these bosses and used a different brake set up.
  13. One car that had outboard cantilever springs was the King automobile. The attached link contains a sketch of the cantilever arrangement which has some similarities but not an exact match.
  14. Is it possible to have someone look at the front hubs to see if there is a grease cap which might identify the make or at least the make of the front axle. That gearbox /clutch set up looks fairly unique.
  15. Keiser it looks to me like it has front wheel brakes so would possibly date it later at around the early 1920's? Looks to be a substantial vehicle whatever it is.
  16. Looks like circa 1917 Studebaker to me.
  17. I don't think it is a Chandler due to the rear door handle being in the wrong position. I do see what you are saying about the front guard, however, I would suggest it is because of the shadows and angle of the camera taking the photograph. Yes the Overland model 92 did have triplex springs and in effect was a slightly longer model 91 with a few refinements such as external door handles. I still believe it is an Overland model 92 but open to further suggestions.
  18. Circa 1923 Overland model 92 tourer. Possibly a red/blue or black-bird.
  19. Thank you.
  20. I still tend towards a Bour-Davis. The first photo of the unidentified car shows an unusually high and curved dash area. The 1921 Bour-Davis in the attached link shows a similar dash but it does not appear as high to me.
  21. Perhaps a circa 1917-18 rare Bour-Davis 21-S The wheels look close to me although it is only an artists sketch
  22. Lady mechanic.