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  1. 8 Years for the 1929 9 Years for the 1930 That would put me in my 50's should be feasible, but like Terry said ya never know...
  2. TP Tools has some of the best blast equipment, and reasonably priced. I buy my accessories from them. they are also at Carlise and Hershey each year in a HUGE White tent with most of their goodies for sale, including cabinets and such.
  3. a nice simple device made specifically for vehicles... https://www.optimustracker.com/products can buy them on amazon and elsewhere, cheap device, and basic service is like $20 a month, battery CAN last for a month or so, depending on if you have it sending LOCATION info every minute, 5 minutes, 25 minutes, etc... also goes to sleep when vehicle is NOT moving, but still reports last location. and you can manually ping it from your phone or pc and get location. you can see maps of where it has gone based on ping rate (ie every minute) you can set geofences, so if the vehicles g
  4. so in regards to understanding English best... guess we are referring to American English vs the Queens English ?? and not sure many if any speak proper English anymore, wonder if they actually study it anymore ?? we had to every year we were in school all the way to the twelfth grade !! that was probably one of the toughest classes i had, but i aced them all then 2 more years in college. man how i miss Schoolhouse Rock! on Saturday morning !! catchy little jingles and phrases that helped you remember things, I actually bought the DVD for my kids years ago and they lo
  5. probably one of the most common used at work is SWAG, what the engineering department is good for which in our application and use means "Scientific Wild Arse Guess" funny thing if you google it you get various applications, like "Stuff We All Get" as in marketing media and if you just a want to have fun, type in random acronyms and see what you get here: ALLACRONYMS.com SWAG has 107 entries
  6. Roy is the guy that recently did the Temperature Gauge on my 1930 Chevrolet. New Line & Bulb !! works great, i did the heated water test to see where the gauge was at certain temps
  7. in regards to old Chevrolet and others, yes there are people that do these items. jsut had my 1930 water temp guage rebuilt by a highly recommended fellow. was about 3 weeks total from the time i shipped it to him to the time it was ack on my porch. there are details and info in my 1930 Chevrolet Thread on here under projects as for the oil pressure gauge, snipping the line has no relevance like the water temp line (capillary) as long as the gauge is not damaged
  8. for those interested, here are some pictures of the NORS vs the Original out of the 1929 Engine Dimensions for you dimensionally inclined: DIM............................ORI...........NORS ------------------------------------- OD.............................5.94...........5.94 Bore..........................0.87............0.87 THICK.......................0.88............0.86 BOLT HOLES.............1.11..............0.65 DIST BC.....................3.12............2.79 FRNT DEPTH.............0.12TPR.....0.20 FRNT SHOULDER......ANGLE.......2.00 REAR DEPTH......
  9. get a lot of "is that a model T" with either my 29sedan or my 30 1/2 ton truck with the 29 also get the Al Capone ordeal
  10. Talked to the engine builder this afternoon, he said that they got the gears lined up and all set. installed the front cover and gasket. and then heated up the crank pulley and tried to press it on, and sopped half way. they had to pull it back off and doing so broke out the new bushing they had machined and put in there dues to the sloppy loose fit. he thinks they did not HONE it enough and need a looser fit then what they were initially aiming for. also may have been an issue with dissimilar metals expanding and contracting at different rates. i figure it should be a press fit, tap it on or
  11. yeah, the engine builder says it looks like it was made for another application, and when Steve from TFS called me today he said the same thing, based on the size & location of the holes for access to the cam thrust plate. too far out and way too small. He said he looked at 2 others he had in stock and they are correct, they have a nice recess and 2 larger holes spaced closer together. so he asked me to ship this one back and he would swap it out. always good customer service from them. he even offered to get it in the mail today if i needed ASAP and to keep the builder going.
  12. got a call from the rebuilder last night as he had a few questions, so went by this morning before work to take a look and see what we could do.he pressed on the NOS Cam Gear i had, and the holes in the cam gear to tighten the bolts on the camshaft thrust plate was wider offset, not enough room to get the required bolts in there and NO clearance to tighten them up if you finagled them in. so opted to enlarge the holes to allow access. bolts go in, can tighten them down, but can not turn the cam, because the bolt heads rub and hit the backside of the cam gear. seems that this cam gear has a lar
  13. as i was told growing up there is an A@# for every seat and in college was told there is more than one way to get to a solution, have to find the one that works for you (cost, time, effort) what skills do you have that can get you to where you need to be ? some are good with wood, some with metal, some with both, some with none. i can barely get by with either, but i can draw/design most anything in 2d or 3d, paper or cad. and bought a cheap small 3d printer years back and have done may projects on it for my car, things around house and many prototypes for others.
  14. WE use 3d scanning for QA as well as validation. also we use it to scan our old WOOD tooling for castings. many of them are over 50 years old. we have them scanned in then we can modify/manipulate the scanned model to fix the wear and any updates required to the new forms/molds to be made. when we first started doing this years ago we did it the NEW way which was the Faro arm or Roamer Arm (competing companies doing the same thing) was a long drawn out tedious process. arm one side where ever you could reach with the arm, then flip the part, reset, manually line up and do that side
  15. 1929 Chevrolet Steering Parts This is most of the Steering Assembly for a 1929 Chevrolet. It includes all parts as shown. Arm, Knuckle 352223, Tie Rod 45-1/2" Long 354457, End, Tie Rod End, Right 354452, Tie Rod End, Left 354453, Clamp, Tie Rod End 352265, Steering Arm Left, Steering Arm Right. Parts are Solid but need to be cleaned and rebuilt, Rebuild Kits are readily available. No Internals for Tie Rod Ends. Asking $150 Shipped to Continental US
  16. 1929 Chevrolet Stanchions This is a pair of original 1929 Chevrolet Stanchions as shown. they are in good shape, they can be used as is, or they can be fixed, and then replated. They go on the front end under the headlight bar, connect via 2 5/16-18 round head screws in each stanchion to the frame rail via u-nut. Asking $50 delivered anywhere in continental US, others inquire. They go on the front end under the headlight bar, connect via 2 5/16-18 round head screws in each stanchion to the frame rail via u-nut. Asking $50 delivered a
  17. 1929 Chevrolet Oil Separator This is an original 1929 Chevrolet Oil Separator, this was from the first generation 1929 Engine. This mouted on the rear boss of the engine near the firewall. the vent tube ran to the carburetor. Mid year Chevrolet changed to the second generation set up where the oil fill tube had and outlet that ran to the carburetor, and this rear boss mounted oil separator was done away with. It is in great shape, all original as shown. Still has the copper drain back tube in tack with support. These are pretty hard to find. Per Chevrolet 1929 Master Pa
  18. 1929-32 Oil Line Bracket as many of you know i made an oil line bracket for my 1929 Chevrolet. thanks to all the help and guidance from fellow VCCA members. it came out very nice and looks great on the car. seems that the oil line bracket is missing on many old Chevrolets. i made a few extras since i had to buy a strip of steel to make mine. I also made some out of aluminum. bought aluminum strip since it was a softer metal and allowed me to tweak my design. per the MPPL and those on here it looks like this will work as bent for 1929-1930 as it is designed for 1/4"
  19. 1929 Chevrolet Air Cleaner This is an original 1929 Chevrolet Air Cleaner, Includes the Air Cleaner and the return tube that runs to the Oil Fill/Vent tube, or possibly back to the rear mounted Oil Separator. It is in great shape, was cleaned and blasted down, then primed and painted a few years back. Asking $150 or best offer, for delivery anywhere in continental US, others inquire.
  20. Vintage Inkwell Set 1913 Chevrolet this is a set (2) of vintage inkwells that feature a 1913 Chevrolet. there is an open hole in each item hood area for ink. there is a paint note on them made in japan. great shape asking $15 delivered anywhere in continental US, others inquire.
  21. 1929-32 Chevrolet Water Pump well since the pandemic kicked in been cleaning out my garage... going through misc stuff and parts i have that are just sitting around. so will be posting various items for sale or free just pay shipping to get rid of them and make room in my garage. i have a 1929-32 Chevrolet Water Pump that i have no need for. item as pictured, asking $50 delivered anywhere in continental US, others inquire.
  22. 1930's Chevrolet Water Outlet well since the pandemic kicked in been cleaning out my garage... going through misc stuff and parts i have that are just sitting around. so will be posting various items for sale or free just pay shipping to get rid of them and make room in my garage. i have a 1930's Chevrolet Water Outlet that i have no need for. items as pictured, asking $15 for delivery anywhere in continental US, others inquire.
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