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1949 Chrysler New Yorker 2 door Club Coupe $9998

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I have owned so many cars and wish I had never sold them.  I had a 49 New Yorker club coupe exactly like this one only in black.  Same interior.  That interior looks original.  This was recently on my local craigs list for $14,000 or so.  Clearly the paint issues are scaring some folks.  


This is likely a case of an inheritance and the young seller said what do I want with Grandpas old car?  It's so sad, I see ads all the time just like this.  We see posts on here, like that 25 Cadillac Suburban, same thing.  In ads selling direct on CL, you see sellers say "will trade for an SUV I can drive..."   In this case, I can't believe the dealer agreed to give the buyer $3000 or (fill in your low ball price estimate) for this old car.  


I sold my 49 New Yorker like I did all my cars for a loss.  I had about $1700 in it and it sold for $850 to a guy in town off a low starting price ebay auction.  He had it running in no time, quiet as a 49 New Yorker would be.  



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4 hours ago, GregLaR said:

I don't believe I've ever seen this before.

The radio dial numbers are falling off. :(



I have seen that on a few cars from that era, when the dial face is made of flat glass, including Studebaker and Mercedes Benz with the numerals all laying at the bottom.



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I don't know about 49 Chrysler radios specifically but I've had a few 1950's cars where the numbers came off the flat dial glass. After disassembly I discovered that what happened was the painted numbers came off over time in one piece and fell to the bottom. The numeral spots in the dials were recessed to accept the white paint and with a small brush and a fine rag with some thinner on it I touched it up and it looked good as new. This 55 Olds radio dial was refurbished this way, most of the numerals had fallen off. Again, I don't know it this method is applicable to other kinds of radios.


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5 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

The paint on that Chrysler is just faded.  Take Mothers mag and aluminum polish and buff the whole car with it by.  It will sparkle. You want to really make it glisten,  hit it after that with adams swirl remover.  Looks like someone messed with it,  but gave up because it's work.

That's interesting. I just assumed it needed new paint.  A local Chevy dealer is selling it.  Certainly they have a detail staff.  I really like this car but I understand they were considered unattractive.  I would pair it with a 46-48 New Yorker myself. I loved those as well. I'm not a Mopar guy per se but I like them as much as GM and the independents. From that era.  

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Yes, it looks like someone has just spot polished it here and there, which makes it look worse than if they'd just left it oxidized. Agreed, Why not finish it it? You could hand wax this whole car in about an hour and it looks like the paint comes up pretty nice. Might help them get a little closer to their optimistic asking price.

Lazy seller.

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