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1929 Dodge DA Distributor Question

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I am in the process of finishing my grandfathers unfinished project. He sadly passed away before he could finish it.


The engine has not run in a while, so I am systematically going through everything before I attempt to start it. The distributor was stuck, so could not advance or retart the timing on it, used penetrating oil everyday for a week and gently turned and wiggled it, it came loose tonight! My question is, can I use some copper grease to prevent this from happening again, or what would be advisable?


I have learned so much by reading all the info here! I really appreciate this forum, I am still young and need to learn so much more, but my grandfather instilled a love for these cars in me.


Thank you in advance!





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Copper grease is typically used on brake parts.

Probably wouldn't hurt here but just about any grease would be better than none if you are thinking it will bind up again.



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Hi Charl,

The original distributor on your car (1929-30 Dodge DA) was North-East # 10845. You may want to check if this correct.

It is a typical late 1920's North-East "Pot-Metal-Cup-Distributor". The pot metal quality in the late 20's was very poor. So many 1920's pot metal items such as distributors and carburetors are badly cracked today. Even NOS distributors that just sat on the shelf in dry storage. Due to pot metal distortion a distributor can get stuck. I can imagine that this could be the cause on your distributor too as I've seen several N/E Distributors that were stuck. When did the car run the last time? I would inspect the distributor for cracks. It will probably be hard to find a good original replacement but you could always use a Delco-Remy distributor to replace the original North-East if necessary.

However, I agree with JACK M and would use a simple NLGI class 2 grease.




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Hi All,


Apologies for my absence, my laptop packed up, back online again:)


Thank you for your input. The car has been partially restored, but never ran since its restoration maybe 16 years ago. I am attaching some photos, I think it just binded up, due to the fact that it has been standing. I have made up new plug wires, and rebuilt the master cylinder with S/Steel sleeve. coming along slowly. 6V Batteries are hard to fine here in South Africa, but I found one, planning to start it up soon. It is running a JR2 carburetor.


Any advise, I am not familiar with the vacuum tank set up, so some advise in this respect will greatly appreciated.


I am attaching some photos of the Distributor, I might need to replace the rotor




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