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  1. Hi All, Apologies for my absence, my laptop packed up, back online again:) Thank you for your input. The car has been partially restored, but never ran since its restoration maybe 16 years ago. I am attaching some photos, I think it just binded up, due to the fact that it has been standing. I have made up new plug wires, and rebuilt the master cylinder with S/Steel sleeve. coming along slowly. 6V Batteries are hard to fine here in South Africa, but I found one, planning to start it up soon. It is running a JR2 carburetor. Any advise, I am not familiar with t
  2. Hi, I am in the process of finishing my grandfathers unfinished project. He sadly passed away before he could finish it. The engine has not run in a while, so I am systematically going through everything before I attempt to start it. The distributor was stuck, so could not advance or retart the timing on it, used penetrating oil everyday for a week and gently turned and wiggled it, it came loose tonight! My question is, can I use some copper grease to prevent this from happening again, or what would be advisable? I have learned so much by reading all the inf
  3. Index.pdf Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum. I am restoring an old Dodge here in South Africa. This is a project I inherited from my Grandfather. I found some pretty neat Literature on a Polish site. Here is an index for it. I tried to upload, but it is over 200 MB. Let me know if anyone is interrested. Regards, Charl Index.pdf
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