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1911 Maxwell AB Sell or trade


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Hi every one. 

    I had always wanted a brass car and about a year ago I bought one from a gentleman in Phoenix that had medical problems.   I love unrestored things and this car was it for me.  

I did,t have a quality place to put the car but have a friend that put it in his museum until i could build a place for it and I could enjoy it.   I am in the heavy steel fab contracting buss and I have not had a 

chance to look up for over two years and the future looks the same. He has sold the museum and I do not have time to build a place for it and it would be in jeopardy if i put it in the fab shop.

I built a new home a couple of years ago and all I have is a covered but not enclosed garage .   I would be glad to trade it for something I could enjoy.   I love old bikes like Indian and Harley and I am good at fixing them up. 

I have a place at the shop to keep something that size.  I love old Winchesters and Colts or old engines , old Tractors or trucks or autos that are not as fragile to the elements.   

    The previous owner Drove the car a lot and said it started easy.   The only things not original on it are the tail light and the mag.  I was hoping to find them but haven,t. I love muscle car era stuff also.

The tools are in the tool box along with the original side curtains for the top. 

If all this hobby means to you is money and trying to make a buck I probably would be a waste of time. I am mainly trying to find the car a great home and be treated fair.

There are picts of the car on my previous postings and I can be reached at 928 241 1490




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Hi all    Im looking for some information if I can. I just bought a 1912 Maxwell Mascotte roadster and it was owned by Bill Maxwell from New Jersey. It's in great shape and should have it running soon   Thanks   Dan


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That’s a neat car you have.  It’s not a high dollar car. You know what you paid for it, and you have a price in mind, everyone does.


Post an asking price and we’ll tell you if it’s reasonable.  Now is not a good time to sell a car, that’s for sure....

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