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1911 Maxwell AB parts needed


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I got my first brass era car. It is an all original Maxwell AB.

I need a rear tail light and a splitorf magneto to get it correct.

From  what I read the tail light is a maxwell #4    and the mag is a Splitdorf model H 

I posted on the Maxwell form also and put some good picts there.

Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.


Joe  928 241 1490 



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You might want to first consider doing all of the maintenance checking & replacing fluids, brakes, etc... and clean up the car some. 


Make it safe and then start driving it as is, just clean.  You will be surprised by the comments of persons when they see the car as is, but it is drivable and you can tour with it.


You can always "restore" it later, but you can not recreate it as you found it.

Start driving now and get to know your car inside and out and if you decide to restore it later it will be a lot easier.


Meet us in Chickasha, Ok for the prewar swap meet. A bunch of us meet there every year.  Most of us are Buick prewar guys, but you are welcome to meet the group.   https://10times.com/international-pre-war-swap-meet


Just my thoughts and experience.

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Wow. What an outstanding and great original car. Congratulations on the purchase. 


Regarding the tail light and magneto: items like this often show up at the "Pre War Only" swap meets such as Chickasha, Oklahoma and the HCCA's Bakersfield event. Both are coming up in the next two months. Even if you don't find the parts you need, you'll enjoy visiting with like-minded, brass era friends from all over the county. Bakersfield is definitely the better of the two events, but both are a lot of fun. If you haven't already, be sure to join the Horseless Carriage Club of America (www.hcca.org). 


You certainly found a fantastic treasure. Get it serviced and running. It will be a great car for 1&2 cylinder tours and other brass events.



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