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Rejoined HCCA or so I thought


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6 hours ago, Bloo said:

I rejoined earlier this month and got a welcome letter in a standard envelope a few days later. Are you sure it didn't get tossed with the junk mail? It didn't look like much.

Years ago they had a magazine, that is what I was looking for, maybe rejoining at Hershey was my mistake. Bob 

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15 hours ago, MochetVelo said:

Send an email to the main office: "office@hcca.org". They will tell you if your membership went through. The new magazine came out a couple weeks ago.






Thanks, I bought a 1911 Hupmobile and thought HCCA would be a help. Bob 

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2 hours ago, playswithbrass said:

Call Sharon Gooding  626-287-4222 executive secretary . Sharon was most likely the person who took your info at Hershey.     

  Knows her stuff and  a great person !



I think you are correct, she knew everyone I knew. I'll call later this week. Bob 

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