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Buick super 1949 suspension overhaul .


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Not suggesting you purchase from Kanter as you can find better prices but can look at and get an idea of what parts you will need here - https://www.kanter.com/productdetail.aspx?DeptNo=1600&MakeName=Buick&MakeYear=1949&CategoryID=39&ProductCode=181&Router=Gallery. Parts you would need are - 

  • 4 Outer Pin Kits
  • 2 Outer Tie Rod Ends
  • 2 Stabilizer Link Kits
  • Upper Inner Bushings
  • Lower Inner Bushings
  • 1 King Pin Kit with bushings

Depending upon the condition of some parts you might need additional items if they are worn so much replacement bushings, etc. are not workable. Good luck!

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I thought about it and wanna get the kit from kanter 

but I am a bit lost as which kit exactly would fit my car Buick super 1949

Attached photo of products, can anyone guide me to which item should I order?!

want front and rear kit



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I have an issue with frame number 

it’s lost . I just can’t order the front suspension set. The earlier mod of 1949 or the latter.

Can’t find frame number. Seems it was lost during earlier restoration . Is there anyway to solve this issue cos I can’t order suspension. If I have to guess , it d be the earlier model as original color Of my car was gala green whic was cancelled as a color in April 1949. 
Can u tell me which parts of the set is different from each other in order for me to compare it with existing parts in my car?
i attached photos hoping someone can help me guess! 
need help please! 
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No problem!:wacko:. Just confused.  Buick used the upper case [ capital ] I in place of the 1. More difficult to change.  They also used lower case b as a 6 , and turned upside down as a 9.  Did this in the engine number as well.   Looks like you have the later car.  


  What leads you to believe new springs are needed?  My '50 had 96,000 miles and the ride height was above the middle of the height measurements set forth in the Shop Manual.  I did not need to replace any steering or suspension parts, fortunately.



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I need someone to review orders I made for suspension.
i got those from Kanter 
Also I ordered 
The rear radius rod bushing set 
from Kanter 
From bobs I did the following order 
- rear shock links 
want to add the following to the order : some items are needed in pairs or more, I don’t know. So please if someone could help know the number to add that is required for my car. I mean if I need 2 or 4 .. from the same item , please go ahead and let me know
1- Front Stabilizer Bar Bushing (Sold Each) 1948-58 . SB-483
(I also need the front ones but couldn’t  find front spring clamp insulator !! Does anyone one know where to find them ? Thanks


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Got the goods today from Kanter and Bobs

will give u feed back about my experience with the whole package I got from both of them in the coming days when we start installation 

here r some photos of the original suspension parts in my car. There were some molding, I m going to restore it to original condition

any remarks r more than welcome 





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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 9:33 AM, Selim said:


You ordered them but didn't number them as #9. 






Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"


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