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interesting custom from 1935

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What an interesting vehicle. I can't decide if it's cool or just plain weird. I would think that the motor is under the first hood, the one with the louvers and the second hood is some sort of trunk area. They probably just moved the body to over the rear and filled in the gap with a hood from another car. It would be interesting to see how they kept what looks like the original steering box and pitman arm but had the steering wheel so far back. It certainly draws a crowd!

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Proof that customization of cars has been happening for a long time with mixed results.

Sometimes we see a tastefully modified vehicle and say "Wow, I like that" and other times

we say "Ugly, what a waste!"  We all see antique cars thru rose colored glasses.

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Sticking with the possibility that the odd configuration of the body on that car MIGHT be due to a dual-engine chassis, I wanted to share this photo I found online. Note the similar position of the major components in this open-chassis car to the one in question. 

Dual engine OLD car.jpg

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