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pistons for a 1929 chrysler 65


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Working on my engine and after measuring the bores I need new pistons. Problem is that already +0.060" pistons are in.  Can it safely be bored to +0.080" ?

Can't re-use the current ones as there is one odd piston type in, and the skirt clearance is about 10x what it should be.


Or is there anybody with experience of putting sleeves in the block?  The wallthickness  of the casting is not that much. After removing rust with oxalic acid it is nice and clean inside. Picture of the tea kettle (heated) with a little pump inside to flow acid through the block


thanks for any feedback










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Older engines were made to be rebuilt, it was assumed they would be rebuilt once or twice during their working life. So it is usually safe to bore up to .125 oversize. On your engine it is easy to measure cylinder thickness since you have access through the water jacket. But engine rebuilders have an electronic device that measures cylinder thickness.

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1 hour ago, cdb said:

moak, thanks voor the link. These pistons are half the price of egge! 

JP directed me to the UK distributor which saves a lot of money.


Good to hear that mate. It was the case with me as well, my not so local distributor (further than the manufacturer) was cheaper to buy from as well.

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The oxalic acid is very mild with 1kg dissolved in 10 liter. It does not eat metal like Hcl. After two days flushing at 30 to 40 degrees temperature the rust was gone. Initially there was an air pocket in the block, so when I checked after one day the difference was really clear. Strangely after rinsing with soda, the metal turns green, cannot get it of not even with a high pressure washer. The cilinder head was put in a tank without heating and came out nicely.

The oxalic acid is easily available, it is used for cleaning wood that blackened due to water. 


The way you cleaned the fedco plate was great, i will try mine asap.


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