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  1. One of the two carbs is made for a Ford 3000 tractor , the other one for a perkins 4 cyl 238 CID. both around 70/80HP so that should be fine. both carbs seem to have a vacuum accelerator pump which is good. the worrying part is that you can buy a chinese carb for a ford 3000 @ $100.. not sure if anyone tried this before. The A ford carb is a bit smaller either of the two I guess. Zenith carbs are not inexpensive new, so if anyone tried these I would still like to hear it. as a last option I can convert the whole thing to LPG, that runs smooth per definition. Any experiences?
  2. Hi all, after 2 years I finally managed to start my rebuild engine, unfortunately the original stromberg U2 is not working. it runs on the choke only and it is cracked everywhere. Now I found 2 replacement new carbs from Zenith, the 267LWX9 and the 267LCX9 with 24 and 22mm venturi respectively. my question is if anybody tried either of these on a 195CID chrysler? below the info I got from Zenith. thnx Chris
  3. the filter you have must be from a ww2 jeep or dodge, cartridges are easy to get. put mine on the engine.
  4. Hi Narve, Firstly best wishes for 2021. Got my pistons for the 1929 65 from the UK. Made in australia but not that expensive. You can find the JP pistons on their site. Paid 150 australian dollar per piece. Very helpful people. t: +441952 252892 e: pjackson@fwthornton.co.uk f: +44 1952 246082 www.fwthornton.co.uk www.vintagemotorcyclepistons.co.uk My car is going fine, chassis is now almost ready. Next is the body. Regards Chris
  5. Try this mob in Australia, https://www.norndaautomotive.com.au/jp-pistons/technical-information.html free advice i got from moab. pistons are half the price of egge and delivery was perfect. regards chris
  6. Hi Narve, Thanks for the offer. I bought a 714L armature and it seems to work. Needed to ream the bushes somewhat bigger but messed up the alignment. Today I made new bushes and reamed them in a lathe. I will post some pictures asap. The 714L armature is in the end an easy fit and plenty available. Chris
  7. Thanks, that is exactly what I needed. Untill now it was just guessing. I will order the armature, not inexpensive in the netherlands but it will be here this week. I will post again when the starter hopefully works.
  8. Dear friends, my starter is still not working. Does anybody know if it can be rebuild using chevy parts from the 714L? Or does anyone have a 714d for sale?
  9. The starter runs but has the power of a little usb fan... it is now with a local rebuilder. Not sure if they can fix it, but on ebay parts for a chevy starter 714L are quite easy to get. Does anybody know if the armature would fit a chrysler starter? Or does any one know if the chevy runs the same direction? Thnx for any info
  10. made a misitake measuring, 367mm od is the same as mine, can confirm it can't be removed with the bolts in place. lifted the cranckshaft with fly wheel on when rebuilding the engine. thanks to Ben for checking the flywheel. chris
  11. it must have been added in a later stage, i have the feeling the bendix is a bit too close to the ring gear. that's why i like to know how many teeth are on the machined gears , the engine is a 195ci.
  12. My car has a shrink fit ring gear fitted, I just wonder if it is having the right number of teeth. Counted 114 and 11 on the bendix. OD of the ring gear is appr 392mm. Car is a 1929 type 65, ring gear is a bit damaged but not too bad. Anybody has a ideas on how many teeth on the stock flywheel and what is the OD Thnx Chris
  13. Thanks for the confirmation, never seen this before. Let's hope it will work😀. I know where i will spend my Christmas.... Trying to start the engine.
  14. After opening the starter of my 1929 65 i'm a bit confused. Clearly someone worked on it in the past. It seems 2 Field coils are missing, or can someone say that this is standard. Any Idea how to fix this? I don't see how 2 other fields would connect to the brushes either.
  15. Met 65 engine is just painted in landrover green, still had a bit left. Thanks to Narve for the head , now everything is as good as new. I like the green , black would very plain.😀
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