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  1. a big large pile 🤑 on a serious note, less than 10k. with that in mind can you make an offer? if you like give me a call at 713-882-2322
  2. Radiator is excellent. Let's talk about price. Give me a call 713-882-2322. thanks
  3. Would like to find a new home for my 1926 S70. Years a go I began a restoration project that is not quite finished. Everything underneath has been powder coated. Awesome paint job, original color. Remaining wiring (it is wired to run) and interior. Other more minor tasks is flywheel and carb. Make offer, could be yours for cheap....
  4. did you have to remove crank to remove flywheel? I don't think my 26 Chrysler Six has a ring gear. it appears teeth are machined in to flywheel.
  5. did you car come from factory with ring gear or was it machined after to add? is it a 6 cylinder 218 ci?
  6. maok, it does start when I crank the motor by hand to avoid missing teeth. Over time more and more teeth break off. It is time to fix
  7. thanks.... any idea what it is worth as-is? where is best place to list for sale?
  8. attached is pic showing missing teeth. Did these not come with a ring gear from factory? I have the been told by many that they did, and to remove have to heat gears with torch. bottom line if the crank has to removed and flywheel machined, it is time for a new owner..... anyone interested, cheap? recent full paint, powder coated near everything underneath. What remains is this flywheel thing, interior and wiring. It is now wired to run.
  9. thanks Flyer and maok...... i did not see a location to tap bolts through. will check again. if not a shitty design!! it appears i can drop the oil pan and remove the rear main cap. i am hoping maok is wrong does the flywheel have a ring gear? I have many broken teeth thus the effort. Happy New Year!!!!
  10. there does not seem to be enough clearance to remove the flywheel. the 5 bolts holding it on can't be backed out, not enough clearance. The flywheel itself can't be moved, not enough clearance. I hope I am doing something wrong..... Please advise and Happy New Year!!!
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