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  1. Darn.... can't upload a video.... picture later...... I have a near restored 26 Chrysler. All that remains in the interior. Frame off including powder coated frame. Per prior owner on 6k orginal miles. Looks and runs great! Ping me if you are interested. Thanks!!
  2. I finally got the switch installed and it works great. one small problem. I now have a gap between the steering wheel and the switch housing. per a manual I have need to adjust a lower bearing clamp. where is it and how is it adjusted? or is it something else?
  3. my new switch arrived today.... will give it a try this evening. Did a quick look at the connectors and did not see the locking tabs but will look closer.
  4. Thanks Loren........... I was thinking the same to remove the curved connector then feed loose wire then re-connect. The reason I dismissed it was because I didn't see how to remove the plug connectors from the curved plastic. I shall take a look to see if I can see and access the the release tabs. Pictues will help
  5. Location is Houston. The attached pictures where just taken with my cell phone. Can do better pics if requested. Thanks
  6. Loren, Thanks for links! I looked on ebay and for some reason didn't see these. Another question..... how do I remove the transmission shift lever so I can remove the wire harness?
  7. Been thinking about selling........... under going a complete restoration the past few years. Everything has been either powder coated of painted. All that is left is interior. Not sure what it is worth but will consider offers.
  8. I am having a heck of time finding a turn signal harness. All the big boys have them for 65 and 66 but not 64. Mine has BPC stamped on it and is an auto trans. Also no hazard lights. Did 64 come with hazards? Can someone help me source this harness? Can it be taken apart and fixed? Rear turn signal and both brake lights don't work. Picture attached Thanks much from 1st time Buick poster.
  9. I have a 1926 Chrysler Series 70. Near completion of a frame off restoration. Frame power coated, etc. Looks and runs great! any idea what it is worth?
  10. very interesting..... I will give it a try and let you know how it works.
  11. the inside of my tank is nasty! Prior I used PRO15 (or is it 50) to clean and seal. Well the seal stuff has come loose and is worse then before. Any suggestions on how to clean it?
  12. Spinnyeyhill a funny guy I did remove it (before I read your post) and discovered that flywheel teeth are broken at a certain spot where if it stops there it won't engage. I used the hand crank to move the flywheel where it worked. Question, how do flywheel teeth get broke?
  13. My starter motor seems to free spin when floor switch is pushed. For some time it has done it but always till now cranked when pushed again. Can I repair or send it our for repair or buy new motor? I am hoping I can repair and if so how? If not where can I send it or buy a new one? Thanks!