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  1. I had a 2" long crack in my head stitched and seems to be working fine. Not that expensive but find someone that knows what they are doing. Older machine shop.
  2. I was hoping that I could pull the whole axle out but I am not sure how it's held in place to the third member.
  3. I purchased a large torque nut that screwed on to the hub. Then I got a large wheel puller and attached to nut and tightened pushing on the axle. I even used a 4 ft. cheater and tightened as much as I could, then fired up the torch and heated her up. The end result was I bent the nut over. This thing is really on there. I have already done the other three wheels with no problem and all the brakes are done except this one. This explains why the brake line was cut and folded over. Must have been fun to drive. Try that now days. Was wondering if the axle can come out if I remove rearend and undo from member?
  4. I have tried everything on getting mine to come off. Made a wheel puller and heated with torch at same time. No success. next step taking rearend out.
  5. Nice to see you found one. Wish I had one for my updraft.
  6. Dave; I do not have the column for sale as I will still be using it. Sorry.
  7. Contact info for Classic Carb is 602-971-3300. I'm sure you will be happy although he was backlogged about 16 weeks. He even runs them on a dyno when he's done.
  8. I sent the carb to Classic Carbs in Arizona. They did a great job.
  9. Engine #C2 2122 rebuilt and running with rebuilt starter and generator converted to 12 V. New pistons but did not do main and rod bearings. New oil pump and timing chain. Stromberg U-2 carb rebuilt. Needs water pump done. Transmission working but not rebuilt. Seems to drive good. Rear end seems to be fine too except can not get Rt wheel off. Also have drive line and complete front axle with 4 wood wheels and 5-18" locking rings. Call 801-721-4998 for more info. Located in Utah
  10. I'm not too sure about the Linseed Oil. I have a cabin in the mountains and redid my deck with linseed oil and that night the chipmunks went crazy on it chewing the heck out it. About ruined it. So I am wondering the same thing. Any one else had this problem?
  11. Well I've about tried it all. I can not get my right rear wheel to come off my 30 Chrysler. I've drove in circles and then took the torch to it. Heated it till I have wood spokes on fire. Still nothing. Does any one know if I can cut the bolts off on the back side of back plate to remove the axle?
  12. Thanks for your help. I'll check em out.
  13. Thanks for your generosity.
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