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Fuel tank restorer in the NE USA

Tom Devoe

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Can anyone recommend someone to restore a 30's era fuel tank in the north east US?  I'd rather not ship it, as it's full of chunky, dried 60's era fuel, which caused it to rust from the inside out.  It's full of pinholes on either end, and might be pretty thin in spots.  If you've used someone and were happy with the results, please let me know.

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Since you are restoring a car/truck, gas tank my guess it is for the long haul. I would steam clean it to get all the smell out  and ship it to a reputable tank restorer. Might be able to cut/patch the bad spots. Galvanize it if possible. In most cases money is a deciding factor. Do it right the first time. Saves a lot of headache in the long run.

Good luck. 

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We've had excellent results with GAS TANK RE-NU





CALL SUPPORT800-932-2766

EMAIL SUPPORTinfo@gastankrenu.com

LOCATION12727 Greenfield, Detroit, MI


In May 1988 Gas Tank Renu - USA, a Michigan Co-Partnership, was officially formed for the express purpose of selling Dealerships to be licensed in the technology for the process of repairing fuel and other holding tanks. The business has grown to the point that there are now 35 Dealers in the United States and 65 when combined with the affiliated companies in Canada. The result is the largest unified system of repairing fuel tanks in North America.



  • Address
    Gas Tank Renu - USA
    12727 Greenfield
    Detroit, Michigan 48227
  • Phone
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