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F/S Mazda sunroof, A-pillar (grey) Factory Serv Man


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Spent some time in the garage today and found these items I thought you guys might want.  The sunroof, I bought from a used parts dealer in Dallas.  Bench tested upon arrival and it worked.  it is of the Mazda RX7 variety.  Hurricane Harvey killed my car before I could install.  A-pillar is for the drivers side, not broken in any way.  FSM, good book to have, back cover is just about ready to come off (see picture).  The window regulators,  if you pay for the shipping they are yours.  I believe them to be good, I was in a position to install new ones, so I did.   Only later, did I figure out the switch was the culprit.  Send PM's with offers and we'll make decisions by the 3/16.  If it don't go here, I'll list on eBay sometime later.  The last picture is of my new love affair. I guess I'll get on the Corvette forums as Blue_Baby.

March 10 007.JPG

March 10 008.JPG

March 10 009.JPG

March 10 020.JPG

March 10 021.JPG

March 10 022.JPG

March 10 023.JPG

March 10 016.JPG

March 10 017.JPG

March 10 018.JPG

March 10 019.JPG

March 10 011.JPG

March 10 012.JPG

March 10 014.JPG

March 10 015.JPG


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10-4 Sir!  I felt the price would be better handled as private business than as public knowledge.  Any who...

Sunroof, first 100.00 and the buyer covers shipping,

FSM, 50.00 and buyer covers shipping.

A-pillar, 20.00 and buyer covers shipping.

Window regulators, free, buyer covers shipping.


Enjoy.  If you are around Brazoria county Texas I can meet with you.

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