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  1. Black_Baby

    F/S Mazda sunroof, A-pillar (grey) Factory Serv Man

    Steve....check your pm's if you still want the FSM.
  2. Black_Baby

    F/S Mazda sunroof, A-pillar (grey) Factory Serv Man

    10-4 Sir! I felt the price would be better handled as private business than as public knowledge. Any who... Sunroof, first 100.00 and the buyer covers shipping, FSM, 50.00 and buyer covers shipping. A-pillar, 20.00 and buyer covers shipping. Window regulators, free, buyer covers shipping. Enjoy. If you are around Brazoria county Texas I can meet with you.
  3. Spent some time in the garage today and found these items I thought you guys might want. The sunroof, I bought from a used parts dealer in Dallas. Bench tested upon arrival and it worked. it is of the Mazda RX7 variety. Hurricane Harvey killed my car before I could install. A-pillar is for the drivers side, not broken in any way. FSM, good book to have, back cover is just about ready to come off (see picture). The window regulators, if you pay for the shipping they are yours. I believe them to be good, I was in a position to install new ones, so I did. Only later, did I figure out the switch was the culprit. Send PM's with offers and we'll make decisions by the 3/16. If it don't go here, I'll list on eBay sometime later. The last picture is of my new love affair. I guess I'll get on the Corvette forums as Blue_Baby.
  4. Black_Baby

    Looking for a Reatta to purchase

    Got a '88, just turned over 107000 this morning. Beginning to sell off various items prior to moving out of the country. If interested, 409 770 3735. located near Alvin Tx.
  5. Keep after it, I'm still diggin' on mine. I just finished jerking out the old AC and installed the new 134A system. I'm down to about 4-5 "to do's" and mine will be 99% good. I don't see myself going back into the door to work on the switch for the light show. There's fish to go chase.
  6. Black_Baby

    Genius or goof ?

    Could one replace the fuel sending unit from inside of the car by making a hole/window through the floor? It would eliminate the need to drop the tank which would be nice. How crazy is this idea?
  7. Black_Baby

    Relay with melted/bare wires...

    Found this after spending an extra few minutes under the hood after an oil and filter change. So what am I up against next? Anyone seen this before? I still have a small laundry list of repair items to do I guess I added one more to it.
  8. Black_Baby

    convertable Here is the other 'vert.
  9. Black_Baby


    409 543 9854 car is located in Port Neches. Use . I couldn't make link post. Click on the used cars tab, then type in buick in the search field. Good luck.
  10. Black_Baby

    EO28 3rd gear circuit..

    I haven't had hardly any time to wrench on my car. Since Halloween I've had maybe 10 days off. The oil and gas business is keeping me out of trouble. I thinking I got another 5-6 weeks of this. By the time I get around to working on the car again I'll have to start all over at square one again.
  11. Black_Baby


    As would be typical, CL doesn't show 'em now. One was listed at a Houston car dealership and was advertised as select 60 at around 16k. The other had a Nederland location and was around 5k. A Beaumont CL search or there is another site called southeast texas dot com may produce that one. If the more expensive one shows again I'll post it up.
  12. Black_Baby


    I concur on the price to buy and ship. I "shopped" for a week on getting the shipping below 1k. Had I been able to get that done, I wouldn't have thought too much about being into the car for less than 4500. There was a deal in place contingent on finding reasonable shipping. I had a car shipped from Indiana when gas prices were at their highest and paid considerablely less than the 1200.00 I was getting quoted for this time with fuel prices at an all time low. You don't see to many Reatta's running around here for whatever reason. At times you have to take what you can find and other times you can wait 'til you find what you want. There are a couple white 'verts out on the web in Texas, but white (or red for that matter) isn't my color. I can live with black or blue. I'm in no hurry to buy my second Reatta, time is on my side. I currently have a CJ 7 under resto for my daughter. It just got back from the paint shop so I'm about ready to get bloody knuckles again.
  13. Black_Baby


    I almost pulled the trigger on it yesterday. If I can get reasonable price from a shipping company today I still may. For the money, I'd be willing to roll the dice.
  14. Black_Baby

    Posting a 1975 Buick Special 56000 orginal miles...

    Good news: We have a ballpark on the price. I'm 99% sure she will sell between 500-750 dollars. At this point, I'm sure she'd take the 500. Bad news: Her husband did pass away within the last two weeks.
  15. Black_Baby

    Posting a 1975 Buick Special 56000 orginal miles...

    I can check with her and get a number. She told me something to the effect of ".... as long as it brings more than scrap pricing". I need to drop in and do a wellness check on her husband. He is a mason in my lodge and it's my duty to see if I can offer any other help.