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Murray Body Back Seat Bracket Question

Mark Gregory

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I have a 1931 Reo Royale Victoria . I am replacing the wood structure in the back seat area . My wood is Original and has not been replaced .


There is 2 brackets to hold what ?  The rear back seat springs to the wood structural frame by the back window ? 


I believe these hold the springs ? ? But another Reo  Royale Victoria who has his wood replaced by a previous owner .


Does not have the 2 brackets but a wooden frame ! 


Does the wood back seat frame attach to these 2 brackets ? ?


I am hoping someone familiar with murray bodies could shed some light on this . Thanks 








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That is exactly my question studeboy . I have 2 steel brackets but another Royale Victoria owner has a wood frame where the seat goes with no steel brackets . So does the wood frame hang on the steel brackets ?


i have looked at Mac's Ford wood kits and they do not show the steel brackets either . I believe they sell the wood parts for Murray built bodies used on other makes .

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Thanks 60ch . So there is no wood like what is shown in the other picture in item 2 .


Would you know why two 1931 cars with the same Murray body would have 2 different seat set ups ?


I am trying to keep this car accurate but sometimes you wonder what went on in that Reo factory .


I guess this is what goes in the Reo Royale Victoriahttp://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_model_a/model-a-ford-seat-spring-victoria-early-style-january-1930-to-june-1931-rear-backrest.html

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