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May Bugle


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I know somebody always starts a thread saying how great the recent issue of the Bugle is, but this months Bugle knocks it out of the park.

John De Fiore's judging tips (for the second month in a row) is a great primer for people who have never been to a National. It takes some of the mystery away from judging.

Lamar, as always, thanks for the continued support for the forum. This really is the future of the club.

The Skylark article was well done and the pics were drool-worthy.

But the winner this month and the reason for me starting this thread was Dave Stoval's tech talk article.

Very well done, everybody.

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Thanks for the kind words about my small offerings Mike. My thoughts were to do exactly that, help take some of the tension off new attendees so that they can enjoy the Meet. I hope it has helped.

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