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i found one that i have been wanting for 25 years

benjamin j

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Yesterday morning while searching craigslist cars by owner inoticed a 1973 Kawasaki 90cc road bike in near perfect condition $400 OBO. Iemailed the guy and told him I would take it for that price. <o:p></o:p>

I had bought one just like it in 1973 new from the localdealer and loved it. It was destroyed two years later in a garage fire and itwas not covered by insurance. I havelooked at a few over the years but never found one that was worth buying. I drovean hour and a half one way to pick it up yesterday and when I got it home I putjust enough gas in it to drive me around for half an hour. I parked it next tomy 1977 KZ1000 last night. I am so happy and very blessed to have another of myold friends back in my garage.

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Ain't it great to have a computer to find this kind of stuff. I remember when Hemmings had mailing addresses and making a long distance phone call was a really big deal.

Great find.


Remember reading dont forget to send S.A.S.E.? And remember shipping or getting packages COD? ahh those were the days. I did sell a Buick I had last month to a guy who did not have e-mail and I had to send pictures in the mail, a throwback for me

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I picked up a 1970 Yamaha enduro 90 several years ago at a great price. The bike had 315 miles on it. It had sat in a shed for 20 years. With some work I was able to get it running again. Now it has 650 miles on it. I have won several trophies with it as it's all original. Great little bike.

Congrats on your find!


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