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  1. Trying to figure out year from this tag . I am guessing 55 or 56 anybody know how to decode this tag?
  2. whenever i restore a car or truck from the 1930s I wonder how many of the dents i see were there when it left the factory. i am currently working on a 1936 international truck. do you guys ever wonder about the dents?
  3. my biggest screw up was just looking under the hood of my 1967 442 with the engine running. it was winter time and I was wearing a long scarf. I do not remember what I was looking for but I do remember getting a close look at the fan blade before the scarf gave way.
  4. Would the middle class being wiped out in the united states maybe have something to do with this expensive hobby dying off?
  5. The wife and I were just saying the same things about Tesla. Also noted was the body styling has the angles of a stealth fighter or bomber. All those small angled panels that are used to hide from radar. We still have cars that get their body styling cues from airplanes.
  6. A modern version of the 442 and a remake of the 1966 442 along with a Toronado would sell. I would not have more than three or four cars rolling of the line but the ones that do would be heavenly. I would start a team of engineers working solely on a flying Oldsmobile car along the lines of the Mohler. So that way Oldsmobile could be one of the first mass produced flying cars. We are nearing that point in time now where flying cars are about to become reality.
  7. George there is an easy answer take whatever info you have for the car to an attorney in your county that does this type of work. That attorney will look over what you have and be able to tell you what to expect. I get titles this way all the time my attorney is a retired judge and he does all kinds of titles. For the one hundred dollars he charges me I save all kinds of time and then I walk in to the dmv hand them my papers and walk out with a title.
  8. If you could buy any defunct American car company and restart production what company would you buy? You can only have one. I would have a hard time deciding between Auburn and Oldsmobile but I think it would be Oldsmobile.
  9. Thank you I thought you might have something when I was posting this. I am helping a friend find this and I will forward your info on to him. that is a good price thanks again.
  10. Would like to find a 62 to 64 GM wagon for sale. I know a lot of you guys have stuff for sale thanks.
  11. I have worked at the same company for the last twenty years. I started at age 40 I am an engineer. I have a sharp wit and used to give my opinion whether I was asked or not. I have had a lot of success and run the show now. I have wanted to leave many times over the last twenty years of dealing with people. New management every few years has proven to be giant hurdle for me. They come in and want to change the way my department works or the way I do my job. I just decided to give them a little bone to shut them up and it wouldn't hurt my ego much. I have improved at dealing with the people who think they run the show. We just had a GM leave a year ago and go to a new company because of a situation quite similar to what you are dealing with. He took a big drop in pay but is but glad he did it. We stay in contact. You are learning new skills for sure with all this going on and at 40 you may want to stick it out for financial reasons. If you were 60 like me or my last GM maybe make the move take less money and be happy.
  12. I checked and I have three boxes but none of them have REO listed if you measure the spring I probably have something very close.
  13. I have one or two boxes of color coded window regulator springs with the directions on what they fit. I will check and see if I have 1931 Reo Royale there is a good chance I do. I am at work now so it will be tonight. they would be easy to send your way if I have them. I picked up a lot boxes of stuff at auctions and it is funny how many times I have a part some one can use.
  14. I tried yesterday and it would only open part way. They need a better site if they want to do online auctions.
  15. I have a few two stroke motorcycles some road and some dirt. my only way of getting real gasoline is to pay an outrageous price at a local airport. I also have to have a storage area at home for real gasoline. I don't ride them often enough to keep fresh ethanol fuel in them and I don't want to go over the handlebars when a piston locks up. I see all the tree removal people are buying their gas at the airport also.
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