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Enviro-Safe Refrigerant


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If anyone has used Enviro-Safe Refrigerant to replace R-12 I would like their opinion. Thanks.

It absolutely did not work in a 55 with rear evaporator. If it does work in yours the only good thing is that you will not have to change the original mineral oil in the compressor. The MSDS for enviro-safe mentions alkanes and LPG which is propane.

Here is an alternative that I have used: http://forums.aaca.org/f162/55-c-repair-357523.html

Draw your own conclusions after research. PM me for more info...I will not discuss R-152A here.


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At the risk of starting a long debate, I have used DuraCool in my Buick and other cars for years as a direct replacement for R12. There is a long list of reasons why I use it that won't get mentioned here, but it will freeze your buns off.

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R-12 has a latent heat of about 64 BTU/Lb. The replacement blends are about 15% less. So there is a capacity loss under design conditions. The circulating volume stays pretty much the same.

Sometimes fluid flow is more of an art than a science and conditions may not be highly predictable. That '55 may have run a flooded evaporator, my '62 Electra had one. That difference in concept may have looked OK on paper if it was even considered, but in application just didn't make it. Most systems are only a couple of pounds. Try it and see.

One caution is hoses. If you find NOS hoses the new blends will leak out. If you have original used hoses the oil coating tends to seal the hoses and the charge stays in. Otherwise you have to go to new triple wall hoses.

Maintaining the AC on a 50 or 60 year old car is another opportunity to develop your own skills unless you want to listen to lame excuses from garages. Find a vacuum pump on Craigslist and a gauge set. You'll get your investment back the first time you use it.

Heck, doing your own AC service with a Benzine mix might be just the encouragement you need to quit smoking.


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