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Alice Austin's touring car identification? - photo taken on Staten Island, NY

D Bosco

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Front fender does not match the Washington.

I was thinking that the car is a 1907 or 1908 based on the hood shape, but the curved fender is really a curve ball, probably making the car a later model. Also it looks like there is a Prest-O-Lite tank on the running board. Does anyone know when the Prest-O-Lite running board tanks first came out?

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1909 Pope Hartford 7 Passenger, Model S


Albert Augustus Pope, Transportation Pioneer | ConnecticutHistory.org

But what bothers me is the cooling openings in the hood - louvers, are they unique? Do they open and close on these wonderful cars? On Alices car, they appear open, yet many photos seem to show them in a closed position. Or is it simply Alices photo quality?

Thanks everyone,


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Guest oldthudman

Yeah, I'd say the Peerless is a good match..........Thought it might be a Mercedes/Daimler Benz but no close matches on the net...............

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