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  1. Thanks guys, finally found one, a 3 notch one.
  2. Thanks Mike, please give me a call when you have a moment cell 917 957-1855
  3. Mark is a great guy and he and Shawn provided me with many photos, which are very helpful. Unfortunately he doesn’t know who bought the car, and no luck with RM Auctions to assist.
  4. I am working on restoring a 1907 Mitchell Model E runabout. Mark Hyman sold one at auction in 2018. Does anyone know who owns it now? I need to ask permission to see the car for comparison purposes. Thanks Don Bosco Staten Island, NY don@tallcoil.com 917 957-1855
  5. Do you still have the Roamer radiator for sale? Kindly send me the dimensions. I have 2 Roamers so wouldn't hurt to have an extra radiator! Thanks, Don Bosco Cell 917 957-1855
  6. I want to mate up a 53 V8 engine to my top shift 39 transmission. I understand that a 49-53 Light truck bellhousing can be used. Is this correct? Anyone have one for sale? thanks, Don
  7. found them through a vendor in a flea market in Charlotte, NC!!! Just luck, he had 5 left, including 4 I needed
  8. Marv, will do. Alsancle, I was a member, I will get back in and try to find that info. Thanks again, Don
  9. Marv They are Lockheed 3-bolt stepped cylinders. Left Rear #91745 Right Rear #91746 Left Front #91743 Right Front #91744 thanks for any help you can provide. Don
  10. Anyone know where I can find 4 new brake wheel cylinders and brake springs for each wheel? thanks, Don
  11. want to buy a crank handle for a 1928 Dodge Victory 6. thanks, Don
  12. Craig, great eye!!! The spring shackle cover is distinctive. Did 1909 P-H have a similar cover? Very hard to find photos of the S model. Were the sidelights square in1908 or bale handled? The horn was identified as a National siren on another web site. Do you know anything about that? You can see that the photo was taken in cold weather, people in heavy coats and blankets draped over the steering wheel. The lady in the photo was known to be wealthy, so I am surprised that they didn't add a windshield for the cold weather. Staten Island isn't far from Connecticut, so it is logical and feasible for the cars to be available to Staten Island customers. The photo was marked c. 1910. thanks again for your help, Don
  13. I ask for your help to identify this car for the Staten Island Historical Society. I think it is a Pope Hartford, not certain of the year. Appreciate your helpful information.
  14. I ask for your help to identify this car for the Staten Island Historical Society. I think it is a Pope Hartford, not certain of the year. Appreciate your helpful information.
  15. Graham literature shows tires were 6.00 x 16. Mine are 6.50 x 16. Does the slightly larger tire provide a better ride? For a restoration does that matter for show? Anyone know the tire brand the factory provided?
  16. What brand of tires (6.50x16) were used by the factory? Were they all wide whitewalls? My car has Denim Super Safety wide white walls. thanks, Don
  17. thanks for the info Ron, will check into it. I also need a window riser handle for front door. Photo is drivers side intact, also missing ball at the end. Passenger side handle is broken in half. Don
  18. Speedometer, North East Electric Co, Rochester, NY
  19. Thanks for the info. The speedometer is by North East Electric Co, Rochester, NY In the message chain you kindly referenced, Russ Furstnow was mentioned so I will try calling him. Thanks again.
  20. Need a new speedometer or someone who can rebuild mine. Internal pot metal casting is cracking and binding. thanks for any information or leads, Don
  21. Congratulations Ron, a great acquisition!!! It is certainly in good hands with you. Don
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