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  1. Not overland they have a radiator that is round on top. My vote is a model 43 buick turned into a speedster
  2. looks like a 1908 model 10 Buick to me. Chris
  3. Here is a 07 Carter car, the radiator looks right to me.
  4. looks like a Carter car to me.
  5. I think it is a Locomobile 40 due to the oil tank on the frame just behind the rear fender. Chris
  6. I will take a shot. 1908 Peerless
  7. As long as we asking for help I was looking for this book. Motor book 1904 new York. I know the Horseless carriage library dose not have it. I have a registration tag 7044 on my car and was wondering if it was original to it.
  8. The Maytag is a model A so you could ride in a model A and a Maytag at the same time. That car is in a collection of a guy that tours a lot and loves his cars I met him at an auction and then again when I was at an HCCA tour. He is a real nice guy he has 2, the unrestored roadster and a restored touring. you can PM me if you just have to know his name, I don't like spreading peoples name around the internet when I really don't know him that well. As far as value, ask Joel1967 he has one I believe he bought the restored 1910 touring out of sparks that was for sale. Don't know what he paid. But I am sure the unrestored original one is worth a pretty penny, In fact the owner of it may have been a doctor when I think about it. The problem with the Maytag is there is only probably a dozen cars out there mostly Maytag's some are Mason which is what they were called before Maytag bought the company. Duesenburg brothers designed the Mason and helped develop it into the Maytag but they didn't last long after Maytag took over before they left and started their own company. The early Masons most likely were built with Duesenburg hands and Maytag's probably not depending on when it was made and since they are a pain to date you will never know. Also Mason's were raced a lot in hill climbs they are great performers but if you scatter a crank in that aluminum block your done, it is only original once! If I were you I would buy an 2cyl Buick or Reo if you are looking for a 2cyl car, they are just as much fun and if anything happens your not spending the price of an restored Model T ford just to repair the engine. Chris
  9. Thanks for the comments, I will see if I can get my wife to take it down on friday to the shop for a alignment.
  10. oh sorry it's 6cyl auto and I was thinking $5200.
  11. I purchased this vehicle as a part of a package deal where I am keeping the other car. I gave the car a once over and it runs real strong and quiet, the transmission shifts real good and someone converted the car to disc brakes in the front and so it has five lug wheels all the way around. The body is pretty straight the rear fender in front of the wheel has some paint bubbling and some in the trunk. The gas tank is newer and it has a new antenna not installed but is the correct one for the car. The upholstery is nice for original. The bad is the car needs a alignment and a trunk mat/liner and overall some TLC. This car is in driver condition and would be a great first car for someone interested in the classic car hobby or someone looking for a weekend grocery getter or father son project. If you want more pictures or anything let me know. Please call or text if I don't pick up leave a message and will return your call. Please no calls after 830 pm and nothing before 6am. Chris (619) 873-5550 Located in El Cajon CA
  12. I am looking for a set of jug heads for a Brennan 2 cyl engine the bore is 4 1/2 inches with one exhaust valve and one atmosphric intake valve on top. I have the rest of the engine and what it goes in, this project was started years ago by someone else and i just purchased it and at some time the jugs were seperated from the engine and never to be found again. I would be interested in the jugs or whole engine. Thanks Chris Watkins 619 873 5550 greasemonkey38@live.com
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