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  1. Yes Dave - I too believe it to be a 1964 Dodge Dart coupe.
  2. Being from upstate New York (Madison/Oneida County) area, Genesee beer was very popular. My Grandmother Betty (Elizabeth) loved Genesee and drank it frequently. I remember the kick that Genesee 12 Horse Ale had back in 1977. It sure kicked me hard at sixteen years old. That looks to be a beautiful item that would be a popular addition to the Genesee Country Village and Museum. -Bob- can you post a photo of your script? Bernie - I remember seeing that same Jenny picture hanging at my Grandfathers Tavern. Pierce's Tavern in Clinton, NY. It's Don's Rok now. Thanks for bringing back many memories Scott.
  3. Hello Chad and welcome to the AACA forums. There is a member here that I would trust when it comes to buying a classic. Mr. Matt Harwood is his name and he owns Harwood Motors. Here is his website - http://www.harwoodmotors.com/index.php. If he doesn't have what you are looking for, he may be able to help in different ways. Good Luck and welcome. I just looked and he has this beauty - http://www.harwoodmotors.com/vehicles/inventory_details.php?id=543. GL
  4. ...and maybe #72 is a 1947 Plymouth Deluxe 4 Door Sedan? Maybe?
  5. I'm thinking #71 is a 1941 Oldsmobile 2 door coupe.
  6. Thanks Dave and Greg. I see and like those 1938 Buick Special Business coupes. It reminds me of the moonshine runners cars. FAST! I moved on to #71. Its a two door. Is that a core lock under the door handle? And what is with the chrome retainers(?) below the split windscreen? Wiper mounts or...? Thanks to everyone for helping to learn these great marques!
  7. Thanks Pomeroy for the link and this thread. I noticed that we can help identify the cars as labeled below the the last 3 cars. With all the skills that frequent this site, it should take no time at all! (ha-ha) I just spent over 40 minutes trying to decide about photo #70 and I still don't know. Who had a mid to late 30's business coupe with a split and quite square back window like #70? I'm pushing away for a stint, my right eye floaters have reappeared. Help me, I'm addicted....
  8. I caught myself feeling bad for it, but laughing by the end. It really gave all it had!
  9. Joe - that will be a real beauty when you get her cleaned up and serviced. Great find, keep the photos coming!
  10. A very handsome car. Are they are some-what rare? I don't remember reading much about them here. Very, very nice, thanks so much for showing it.
  11. Thanks to Edwardsss for this enlightening and educational challenge. I have nothing, but wanted to throw-out some more manufacturers. I looked at all these, and some are close, but between the door hinges, "running board", swoop of the rear body, hood louver design, etc. I'm only guessing. Austro-Fiat, Austro-Tatra, Austro-Daimler, Steyr, Steyr-Daimler-Puch, Gloria, Gloriette, Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Dodge (the wheels look Dodge), Graham, Ford I hope someone can help, but I've run out of time.
  12. Edward - your post above has no photo attached. We can not help without a photo. Edit: i see the 2nd post now!
  13. I double checked this morning. The CL ad is gone. Hmmm. Sold? I doubt it. Decided to keep it in family another 30 years without doing a thing to it - my guess!
  14. Thanks to AuburnSeeker for starting this topic. I learn so much from you folks that it's hard to say "Thank You" enough. I too, think that shovel nose front end looks attractive, and David (TrimaCar), your Pierce is a very attractive automobile and I also like the colors AND the tires! Hoping everyone is staying cool and hydrated in the heat of Summer.
  15. Joey - I'm curious to the previously mentioned patents that your Grandfather held. Were they automotive related patents, and if so for what? Thanks for the frame identification caper. What do you plan on doing with it, anything? Dig it out and maybe find more info about it. There may be more little parts underneath the half buried frame. I assume you have a metal detector and have combed the area finding the parts that you've photographed. How did you get into that hobby and what else automotive related have you found that may interest us? Thanks
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