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What is it 2, late 10s or early 20s

Leif Holmberg

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Guest Casper Friedrich

Swedish body on American chassis, so it well could be a Cadillac. The unbroken line of the upper side of the body after the rear doors suggest that it was coachbuilt by Freyschuss.

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Rear wheel spokes do not have a bolt thru every other spoke into the brake drum, drum itself is too small, Stanweld wheels rather than Kelsey as used by Cadillac in this era, I am going to suggest this is not a Cadillac chassis, great looking car though and a nice picture of it.

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Hi Leif,

Been thinking about this one and am nearly convincing myself that this is a German cca1925/6 Presto Tulip Phaeton, of the 9'30 or 9'40 type. As the body is obviously coach-built, the bonnet may have been curved a little to suit. Many other features fit, especially the wheel hubs and bonnet fastenings etc, and the chain-cover type housing near the rear spring fronts, but some niggling things are a bit of a problem. Very neat car with a neat roof fold-away arrangement. Have looked at Dixi but dont think the radiator header tank matches enough and the lights were high.


Vintman (UK)

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