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1939 Buick 80 Roadmaster question

Guest roberthinshaw

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Guest roberthinshaw

Hey all. I was told to come here and ask to see just exactly what I have. Doing some research, it seemed that it may be a rare style.

It is a Model # 81-f

Style 38-4819F

Trim 718

Body 176

I think it is a formal touring sedan, but I don't really know. I do know they made 5 different models during this year.

Thank you in advance if anyone knows if this is a rare find or a common model for this year.

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Welcome to the forum

decode of 38-4819F

38 = 1938

4 = Buck

81 - Roadmaster

19 - body style

F = Formal (does it have a wind up window divider ?)

All Roamaster's & Limited (series 90) are rareish as they were made in mush smaller numbers than the common special (series 40) & century (series 60)

We like photo's

Look here: [what is yours like ?]



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Guest roberthinshaw

Yep. It has the roll up window between the passengers and the driver. I am having the title checked to see what they have on it, i.e. '38 or '39. I was told it was a '39 LOL. I will try and post some pictures. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum........

It looks like a great find, and Danny and Grant will certainly welcome in another '39 Buick team member.

Be nice to them, as they have a lot of info that, at some point, you will need.

Now you need to join AACA and BCA. Buy a reprinted parts book AND a mechanic's hand book..........

Then fill out your profile page, so we know your level of expertise, and post lots of pictures, and pick one for your avatar.

Mike in Colorado

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Per the Buick Motor Division figures as listed in the BCA Roster: 1939 Model 81F, Domestic production was 303 plus 37 units for export. Rule of thumb for survival rates of prewar cars would be 1-2% of production. Only one listed in 2011 BCA Roster.

Nice looking car.

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Welcome aboard Robert. Your beast looks a real beaut.

Roadmaster, it's not just a name, it's a statement !!!

Every time I enlarge my avatar, Grant posts a bigger picture....................


Mike, haven't you been told that size doesn't matter !!

(Well, that's what we 40 series owners have to keep telling ourselves, hey Grant :) )


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Are you selling this fine car ?

I note it has a CANNON plate

From your profile: MS car dealerships - Cannon Motor Company - Mississippi new used cars


From my collection of '39 images see you had the car on ebay in March 2011 & Sept 2012 with a buy now of $20K

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  • 1 year later...

Hey there folks!! Im about to purchase a 1939 Roadmaster 38 series. Im having a hard time finding information on this particular model (38 series) I would like to know the value and any other information that may make this model unique. thank you!!

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honeyB, you should have started another post, otherwise you get lost in the comments about this other 39 Roadmaster.

The 39 documentation only list 3 Roadmaster sedans in '39 and there is no "38" series listed.

model 81 is a 4 dr touring sedan, this is the "hump" back sedan and the high volume Roadmaster with 5,460 made

Model 81F is the formal 4 dr with the roll down window behind the drivers seat, looks the same as the 81 from the outside.

Model 87 is the sport sedan (no trunk hump) and not that popular as it is the "old" rear design, only 20 made.

Probably the most desireable option would be the side mount tires, which were an option on all Roadmasters.

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