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Pics of the 28 vic 6

kevin b

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I finally had a nice day and got some good shots of the car for all to see. These are the shots I had to take for the insurance company so I can get my collector plate. Ive been to 2 car shows and placed 1st for participants choice in a pre 49 class of 30 cars hot rod and originals. Peoples choice in our vintage clubs pre fathers day bbq. unexpected but wow thats the icing on the cake for all the long hours of tinkering which I like to do.

Happy motoring and tinkering.










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What a beautiful car Kevin! You did such a great job on the car! Congrats on the First Place! Just goes to show just how good of a job you did! A definate pat on the back for a job well done! I cannot wait to have mine done & looking just as nice! Thanks for sharing & giving a little more motivation for us to get ours done!


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Guest danceswithpumps

GR8 looking car!!:) Really like the quality on this one. Like the tail light topper too! I think there are many more awards waiting down the road for you and your car.



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