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  1. Your cowl looks to be identical to mine. Same cowl vent on top, same dash cutout, same firewall features....Even the same colour, haha!
  2. While my DA is a gazillion miles from being anywhere near drivable, I do plan on getting maximum enjoyment out of it when that day finally comes. I guess I am lucky in the sense that I am not starting with an original complete vehicle, but a total wreck, because then I can not have the worry of breaking some part that is irreplaceable to the originality of the vehicle. When I was a kid we used to spend a week or two and hundreds of miles of our school holidays on rallies in my dad's '30 Chev and I loved every minute of it. If I can pass on some of those sort of experiences to my kids I will be very happy. Mine may never be a show car, (but who knows where the resto will end...), but I will display it whenever possible I guess.
  3. That is really starting to look like something Ian. :cool:
  4. Quick! Will somebody please, please, please lend Jason $448K?!!!
  5. Anyone happen to know if Fords or chevys etc imported into Oz in the same era got chassis numbers?
  6. Ray your statement still holds true. The reasons why may never be known unless some boffin comes forward with some fairly obscure DB export pratices information.
  7. NO WAIT!!! That is not my chassis. (yeah, I wish....). That is just a pic I found on here, (not sure who's it is), of a USA DA that shows where the number is supposed to be. I had another post ready to go that would have shown even more clearly where the number is but my connection dropped out and I lost the post and couldn't get back online. That is the price you pay for living out in the sticks.... I have been slowly cleaning my chassis up and I've even made a rotissery for it, but it is all on hold for a while. I am concentrating on getting the house etc, all shmicko because we have decided our neighbours suck waaay to much to put up with, and we are going to put our place on the market. Hopefully I will get a bigger shed out of the move so its not all bad!!
  8. Here ya go! (sorry, I meant to look it up before but got sidetracked)
  9. Interesting to know about your Budd car not having a chassie number either. Maybe no DA's or that era of vehicles that were exported here to OZ were stamped on the chassis. I guess there must have been a reason not to - more than likely financial in some way. I do know that the Oz export vehicles were allocated with one and have seen original dealer delivery paperwork for a DA that shows the chassis number on the form. Whether this number was affixed to the car somewhere I don't know - there was a toeboard plate atleast fixed but I've not seen one and don't know what numbers were on it. Mine has no toeboard let alone an ID plate! As for where this number is supposed to be stamped I am led to believe, (but again have not seen it), that it is just behind or above where the front, driver's side (RHD car) spring hanger is attatched to the frame. There is a thread on here somewhere that has a good pic illustrating exactly where on a US DA. Supposedly the numbers can be quite thin and faint but mine have not shown up yet and my chassis is back to metal with no paint... Ross
  10. Thanks Paul. Your ute construction shows many similarities around the seat/tub back area even though I'm 99% certain mine is a TJR body. Could have been modified a different firm though. First time I've heard of Eagers being body builders. There must have been many small body manufacturers dotted around the place although they survive as big Holden dealership now.
  11. Thanks Graham, good to know I am not completely off base in thinking OZ DA's got no stamped chassis numbers - I assume the budd bodied export vehicles probably did though. I think I read the caravan story - very cool vehicle. Sorry I had not responded to this post earlier. I read it back when you first posted but my internet can get frustratingly unusable, (no NBN out my way yet:rolleyes:), and I was uable to respond at the time. Since then the kids have been crook - very little sleep for me, and the inlaws have been and gone, (finally....thankfully!) and we are getting our place ready to go on the market. So it's been a hectic week. P.S. I sent you a PM a while back Graham, not sure if it got to you or not. Ross
  12. Yes thanks mate. What is that page from? Some sort of TJR Advertisement perhaps? It gives me a great look at what I need and now I have a better understanding of how to make my seat/tub back look a little more factory and a little less back-yard, farm-hack chop job which I feel it may well have looked like. Thanks again, Ross.
  13. Wow, great story! I just two nights ago did a deal with my Uncle to get hold of my Grandfathers old farm truck which has been sitting in the shed since he passed back in '90. I can't wait to take delivery in about month. (I now need to build a bigger shed....) Fantastic that you are doing your Grandfather proud 120mm. Looks like a pretty decent car you've got there and I hope you have luck with your engine. It would be nice to keep its original "heart". Love that front bumper too.
  14. Here's my running board brackets. Looks like they match, so guess as they were attatched to the chassis when they were exported and not reproduced here in Australia by TJR like the rest of the body. Next I need to de-rust and paint, and one of my front brackets still needs tweaking a bit more - it was twisted through 90 degrees - most likely my DA was dragged on the dirt after the axles were robbed . I found a "before" picture when that bracket was still attatched to the chassis. You can see it at the bottom of the 3rd pic. I have no running boards so thanks for the great close up pics of your boards guys. First time I have seen some! Interesting construction. Ross