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  1. Your cowl looks to be identical to mine. Same cowl vent on top, same dash cutout, same firewall features....Even the same colour, haha!
  2. That is really starting to look like something Ian. :cool:
  3. Wow, great story! I just two nights ago did a deal with my Uncle to get hold of my Grandfathers old farm truck which has been sitting in the shed since he passed back in '90. I can't wait to take delivery in about month. (I now need to build a bigger shed....) Fantastic that you are doing your Grandfather proud 120mm. Looks like a pretty decent car you've got there and I hope you have luck with your engine. It would be nice to keep its original "heart". Love that front bumper too.
  4. Not too small I hope. I have some choice words for my PO! A great story though guys.
  5. Life just gets in the way.... I'm a bit behind you though Ian! Just starting on the journey. I got two kids in nappies, not much cash to throw at the DA, no stroke, (yet, fingers crossed!), more than enough to do around the house like you, and I'm hoping to get mine done by retirement age. That gives me 28 years..... I reckon I might be half a chance! That bonnet is a thing of beauty even in primer. And I see a cruiser ute....:cool:
  6. Pretty sure they used heavier guage sheet metal for vehicles in the past compared to what gets used today. It all comes down to metalurgy technology I suppose, and cost of raw materials too. If you can make your steel go further on the production line then the manufacturer is quids in. The fact these things were made heavier back then works in our favour now because the steel lasts longer and it had less impurities in it too. I doubt a modern car left sitting out in the weather for a few decades like alot of us find our Dodges would still be in restorable shape. Case in point is the 40 se
  7. Tehe, well I have been told I have the mind like a childs! I just checked out your album Ian. Damn, that thing has a lot of metal! She's coming up nice though. Makes me kind of glad I have a TJR body with just the skins and wood frames to deal with - probably comes with its own headaches though. No roof on mine and only half a body will be on the plus side. I like your hidden speakers and i-pod idea. Not strictly factory, but it sure beats winding up a gramaphone and putting it on the back seat.... Keep up the good work, and I bet you are counting the sleeps till it goes to the paint sho
  8. 10 years to build a chicken coup eh? Still, It must be the prettiest darn chicken coup I've ever seen..... Seriously though, it does look like a quality job. Got any old pics of your car when you started Ian? I am always very interested in befores and afters, and just to see what people can achieve. Ross.
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