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help me identify this 1926 chysler

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i have just got a 1926 chysler for restoration

engine no is G 167560

so its clearly a 25 or 26 chrysler 70

what i cant understand is how to decode the vin number and what its significance in regards to exact model andstyle of this vehicle

vin number clearly reads as

A W 4 3 5 S

thank you ,


Allan Almeida




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[ATTACH=CONFIG]226814[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]226815[/ATTACH] i am in the same boat..to confirm which model...vehicle in storage but will ask a friend to check on engine number etc..


That dashboard look like 1927 to me. The rectangular FEDCO plate on the dashboard will tell.

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KMS. 28 Chrysler could be right as I did not see the engine area. If you have 6 bolt wheels/rims then it is an early series 60. They used the same dash as an early Chrysler 4 and the 50/52 series. Also the headlights are typical of the early 26 60 series. pm me and I will email you some photos of my original unrestored early 60 series touring. Rob hattiesgarage@comcast.net

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